Hear an interview with The Big Takeover this Wednesday on LocalMotion!

June 21st, 2016

Tune in to WVKR this Wednesday (June 22) at 5 to hear Rita Ryan interview The Big Takeover on this week’s edition of LocalMotion. The Big Takeover is a New York based reggae band with over 500 shows under its belt! This high-energery sextet mixes reggae and ska influences to create a unique sound. The band, lead by Jamaican born NeeNee Rushie, has played with The Wailers, The Slackers, Yellowman, and more!

Don’t forget! Listen to 91.3 fm Wednesday from 5-6 to hear Rita Ryan interview The Big Takeover on LocalMotion!


The Big Takeover

Senior Week Special

May 23rd, 2016

15 WVKR seniors.

15,000,000 tears to shed at graduation.

1 week.


You heard that right – to celebrate our eldest student DJs, we’re dedicating all student airtime this week to senior programming! Tune in while you still can and catch:

Spring tha Trap: Go hard with all the trap, juke, footwork, crunk, and 808s you can handle, and let DJ Sound Collage be your guide.

TRIPTONYTE: future sounds mixed live by DJ Jam Brosino

A Hundred Years of Houserockin’: Post punk, blues and country “Houserockers” with DJ Murray Superior

Revolting Vox: Industrial, Goth, Weird Wave + Noises w/Spillard Innard aka Splint Dancin’

Cocktail Hour: beat-based electronic music w/ live mixing w/ DJ Thunderbunny

We Reminisce Over You: DJ Takki Shades hosts a 90s hip-hop show called “We Reminisce Over You,” featuring underappreciated cuts people may have forgotten or maybe have never heard

Bossa More and So Much Nova: Bossa Nova and So Much More con DJ JohnTapscott y DJ MadCow

Life is Good: yiddish folk music with DJ Boots Lobell

Don’t Paint Your Teeth: Out as Possible with DJ Boots Lobell

NineteenNinety Twee: 90s + contemporary twee pop w/ DJ Blight Eyes & DJ Pop Vultur

Ladies Nite: electronic music by women & queer producers with DJ Utopian Fallopian

Infinite Space: classic prog rock with DJ Knitted Socks

The Wavelength: 90s trance + other dreamy house music with DJ Decalcify + DJ Afterglow

Peep the Program Guide for showtimes and get ready to be amazed. These are some talented DJs, sensitive music curators, and wonderful people. We’ve been so lucky to have their shows over the past years and we’ll be so sad to see them go.

Apply for a Show on WVKR (for the Summer or More!)

May 16th, 2016

Cool African American male DJ playing music at a party??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????





Do any of the above images resonate with you? Can you see yourself in them? Imagine broadcasting the sounds of your heart (and vocal cords) at 3400 watts to 5 states, and also anywhere in the world over the web. Imagine you’re having fun and feeling really proud because that’s what it feels like to be a DJ (trust me I’d know). Ready to make this dream a reality? Well, you’re in luck:

WVKR will be holding interviews for new shows!

Saturday, May 21 – Friday, May 27

Interested in applying? Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Come up with an idea for a 1-hour weekly show. It’ll be a freeform music or talk show, with a few stipulations. Music shows have to be based around a genre (e.g. 70s feminist acapella), NOT a theme (e.g. my least favorite songs); the more specific the genre the better. If you’re planning a talk show, think about the topics you want to address, how you’ll structure your episodes, whether you’d like to hold interviews, if so with whom, etc.
  2. Make a “pilot episode” – for music, an hour-long playlist of your genre, and for talk, a sample episode. Keep “Top 40” hit songs and artists from the past 20 years off your playlists (and off your show) – if it sounds like the Billboard charts or a Hot 100 commercial radio station, it won’t vibe with our commitment to independent and underrepresented music.
  3. Email programdirector@wvkr.org and schedule a 15-minute interview some time between Saturday, May 21- and Friday, May 27. You can also bring a “piece of you” show-and-tell kinda item if you wanna get personal. Interviews are held in the station lounge, on the 3rd floor of the College Center in Main Building at Vassar College. Feel free to ask in your email if you need more specific directions.


I can’t wait to hear your cool ideas :’)

-Asprey, Program Director ’16-’17

Introducing: THE SOUND OF AN ERA featuring International Rap Battle

April 27th, 2016

Hello loyal listeners! Whew, it’s been a while…

…Time really flies, as they say, especially these few fleeting years we call “The College Years.” As the trees bloom, and then get snowed on, and then (hopefully) bloom again, we’re reminded of our own endings and new beginnings here at WVKR. With that in mind, it’s my pleasure to bring you…


(a new reboot of an old series)

Our new/old blog series celebrates our most special student DJs: the seniors in their last year at Vassar, and the babies in their first year at WVKR. Each week, we’ll bring you a few words from one of our oldest or our youngest in the hopes that you’ll give ’em a listen before they fly the nest :’) 

So without wasting any time, I’d like to present to you with our first feature:


International Rap Battle joined us Fall 2015 with one mission in mind: to find the world’s best in hip hop and bring it to our lil station in Poughkeepsie. On DJ Pan Am‘s stage, nations compete to claim the title of the home of the greatest rappers. It would truly be a better world if all foreign policy was conducted in this format, under the impartial judgement of the United Nations Hip Hop Association, every Saturday from 2am-3am.

We sat down with DJ Pan Am to hear the latest from his travels.

WVKR: Your show’s taken you all around the world, musically speaking. What areas of the world do you find yourself returning to, and what hip hop scenes have yet to be explored?
DJ Pan Am: I consistently find myself coming back to French and Francophone hip-hop. The French were definitely early adopters of American hip-hop music as well as culture and yet they manage to totally have their own feel for the music. On the other hand, there are countries like Turkey that don’t have a super large hip-hop scene, but definitely have a language that lends itself to rapping. As for things to explore in the future, I’d like to spend more time listening to South American, Middle Eastern, and North African hip-hop: I know for a fact that there is excellent hip-hop that comes from almost every culture in the world, sometimes it’s just harder to find than others.

WVKR: What can you learn about a country from listening to hip hop from there?
DJ Pan Am: Hip-hop serves as the voice of disenfranchised peoples everywhere, so if you want to learn about and understand parts of a culture that wouldn’t by just looking a the normal pop culture, look to the hip-hop.

WVKR: If Bulgaria and Vietnam went head to head in an international rap competition, who would win?
DJ Pan Am: I’m not that familiar with the hip-hop from Vietnam, but my money would be on Bulgaria – they have some super dope rappers, like Upsurt and Santra (check ’em out below). Don’t be surprised if you see this as match-up on the next season of IRB.

WVKR: What’s the best thing you’ve eaten in Poughkeepsie?
DJ Pan Am: Hmmmm… I gotta go with the Banh Mi at Saigon Café, but that might be because I just really like Vietnamese sandwiches.

WVKR: What’s it like being in the studio late at night/early in the morning?
DJ Pan Am: I love it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer to broadcast at time when more people were listening, but there’s nothing like feeling like you’re the only one awake on campus and jamming out wacky world hip-hop at full volume :) .

Don’t forget to check out International Rap Battle with DJ Pan Am every Saturday at 2am!