1 DUM DUM GIRLS! I Will Be Sub Pop
2 WOODEN SHJIPS Vol. 2 Sick Thirst
3 DR. DOG Dr. Dog ANTI-
4 COOL WORLD Gaydream Nation DOES ARE
5 COMMUNIST DAUGHTER Soundtrack to the End Grain Belt
6 LET’S WRESTE In the Court of Wrestling, Lets! Merge
7 HARLEM Hippies Matador
9 ELODIE LAUTEN Piano Works Unseen Worlds
10 AWESOME COLOR Massa Hypnos Ecstatic Peace
11 DAVID BYRNE AND FATBOY SLIM Here Lies Love Todomundo/Nonesuch
12 SHE & HIM Volume 2 Merge
13 THE COCONUTS Coconuts
14 LOVE IS ALL Two Thousand and Ten Injuries Polyvinyl
15 SERENA MANEESH S-M2: Abyss in B Minor 4AD
16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Happy Birthday Subpop
17 ERNEST GONZALES Been Meaning to Tell You FOF
18 JONAS REINHARDT Powers of Audition
19 NICE NICE Extra Wow Warp
20 MATT POND The Dark Leaves
21 FRIGHTENED RABBITS The Winter of Mixed Drinks
22 LIARS Sisterworld
24 EXCEPTER Presidence
25 LA STRADA La Strada EP
26 JJ jj n 0 3
27 BUNDLES Bundles
28 LOCAL NATIVES Gorilla Manor
29 PAST LIVES Tapestry of Webs
30 BONOBO Black Sands


1 Dum Dum Girls! I Will Be
2 Bonobo Black Sands
3 Owen Pallett Heartland
4 Cool World Gaydream Nation
5 Richard Skelton Landings
6 Growing Pumps
7 Awesome Color Massa Hypnos
8 Javelin No Mas
9 Golden Triangle Double Jointer
10 Zoo Trilogi
11 Elodie Lauten Piano Works
12 Serena Maneesh S-M2: Abyss in B Minor
13 Various Artists Nigeria Afrobeat Special!
14 Love is All Two Thousand and Ten Injuries
15 Okapi Love Him
16 Ruby Suns Fight Softly
17 She & Him Volume II
18 Black Tambourine Black Tambourine
19 Splinters Kick
20 Baslia Bulat Heart of my Own
21 The Bundles The Bundles
22 A Weather Everyday Balloons
23 The Clogs Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton
24 Wooden Ships Vol. 2
25 Pill Wonder Jungle Surf
26 Kaspar Bjorke Standing on the top of Utopia
27 Let’s Wrestle In the Court of Wrestling Let’s
28 Monster Movie Everyone is a Ghost
29 Lawrence Arabia Chant Darling
30 Sore Eros Second Chants


1    BONOBO    Black Sands    Ninja Tune
2    BLACK TAMBOURINE    Black Tambourine    Slumberland
3    ZEUS    Say Us    Arts And Crafts
4    VARIOUS ARTISTS    Pomegranates: Persian Pop, Funk, Folk, And Psych Of The 60s And 70s    B-Music
5    RUBY SUNS    Fight Softly    SUB POP
6    WOODPIGEON    Die Stadt Muzikanten    Boompa!
7    JOANNA NEWSOM    Have One On Me    Drag City
8    ELECTRIC PRESIDENT    The Violent Blue    Fake Four Inc.
9    LAURA GIBSON AND ETHAN ROSE     Bridge Carols    Holocene
10    OKAPI    Love Him    Illegal Art
11    SPLINTERS    Kick    Double Negative
12    EXCEPTER    Presidence    Paw Tracks
13    LET’S WRESTLE    In The Court Of The Wrestling Let’s    Merge
14    VARIOUS ARTISTS    Nigeria Afrobeat Special: New Explosive    Soundway
15    JONAS REINHARDT    Powers Of Audition    Kranky
16    PAVEMENT    Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement    Matador
17    LIARS    Sisterworld    Mute
18    PANTHA DU PRINCE    Black Noise    Rough Trade
19    JAVELIN    No Más    Luaka Bop
20    QUASI    American Gong    Kill Rock Stars
21    OWEN PALLETT    Heartland    Domino
22    ERNEST GONZALES    Been Meaning To Tell You    FoF
23    XIU XIU    Dear God, I Hate Myself    Kill Rock Stars
24    MIDLAKE    The Courage Of Others    Bella Union
25    SORE EROS    Second Chants    Shdwply
26    TYVEK    Demos    Fag Tapes
27    EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING    Rush To Relax    Iron Lung
28    BASIA BULAT    Heart Of My Own    Rough Trade
29    TITUS ANDRONICUS    The Monitor    XL
30    WHITE ROSES    Take Back Your Mind    Retro Rocket


1    RUBY SUNS    Fight Softly    SUB POP
2    DINOSAUR FEATHERS    Fantasy Memorial    Self-Released
3    XIU XIU    Dear God, I Hate Myself    Kill Rock Stars
4    BEST COAST    “When I’m With You” [Single]    Black Iris
5    MIDLAKE    The Courage Of Others    Bella Union
6    JAVELIN    No Más    Luaka Bop
7    ALBUM LEAF    A Chorus Of Storytellers    SUB POP
8    ELECTRIC PRESIDENT    The Violent Blue    Fake Four Inc.
9    JOANNA NEWSOM    Have One On Me    Drag City
10    LYMBYC SYSTYM    Shutter Release    Mush
11    SADE    Soldier Of Love    RCA
12    WATSON TWINS    Talking To You, Talking To Me    Vanguard
13    A FRAMES/CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS     AFCGT    Sub Pop-Dirty Knobby
14    ASOBI SEKSU    Rewolf    Polyvinyl
15    EVERYBODY WAS IN THE FRENCH RESISTANCE… NOW!    Fixin’ The Charts Vol. 1    Cooking Vinyl
16    AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD    The Sell Out EP    Justice
17    DATUS    Masc, Fem, And Neut    Lymbic
18    ANIMAL COLLECTIVE    Fall Be Kind [EP]    Domino
19    SOLID GOLD    Synchronize [EP]    Solid Gold
20    TORO Y MOI    Causers Of This    Carpark
21    SURFER BLOOD    Astro Coast    Kanine
22    AIR    Love 2    Astralwerks
23    FILMS    Oh, Scorpio    Filter US
24    FIERY FURNACES    I’m Going Away    Thrill Jockey
25    THEE OH SEES    Dog Poison    Captured Tracks
26    VARIOUS ARTISTS    Milky Disco 2: Let’s Go Freak Out    Lo
27    TONSTARTSSBANDHT    Maihama    Does Are
28    VELVET DAVENPORT    Lemon Drop Square Box    Self-Released
29    TYVEK    Demos    Fag Tapes
30    NASA    Boogie Chillin/Too Heavy    Does Are