Democracy Now! on summer hiatus

Attention Listeners: due to scheduling conflicts, Democracy Now! will not be a part of summer programming here at WVKR, effective Monday, June 10. Please do stay tuned for further updates, and as always, thank you for listening!

13 Responses to “Democracy Now! on summer hiatus”

  1. Aaron Havens Says:

    I don’t understand why Democracynow is off the ‘air’ during the summer, is it merely the effect of the cyclic summer/school season, push/pull and availability of staff or student body?……or is it a funding issue?…….or is it a policy, political shift and decay? PLEASE E-MAIL or POST AT YOUR WEBSITE THANKS, Morning Listener #……………..PS I can easily stream DemocracyNow from their website and get more content (when I’m at home) instead of tuning into WVKR @91.3, and though I tune in, time to time, for other segments/shows, here and there, it could be your loss!

  2. Alison Francis Says:

    Well, this is certainly disappointing!! Don’t really get it-

  3. Gail Miller Says:

    I’m interested in knowing more about the “scheduling conflicts”. Democracy Now is unique, no other program covers the important information we hear there. It has been so valuable to have the program on local radio. Many folks are not able to listen on the internet and other local stations, including NPR stations, will not carry it. Can you explain what’s happening?

  4. joe calabro Says:

    please put democracy now back on we miss it

  5. mark Says:

    Democracy Now is as good as news shows get. Please reinstate it!

  6. Pat Lamanna Says:

    I am very disappointed that you have decided to put Democracy Now! on hiatus. Like the others who posted, I’d like to know your reasoning. I’d like to see you change your mind and put it back. If that isn’t an option, I’d like to see some assurance that it will indeed be back on the air in the fall…and give us a date when that will happen.

  7. Steve Galazzo Says:

    Here’s a vote to put Democracy Now! back on the air. An important program and difficult to hear on the radio in the Hudson Valley. I enjoy a lot of your programming, especially Friday nights and Fred Nagel, and will very much miss Democracy Now! during my morning commute.

  8. Karen Lovequist Says:

    Democracy Now! is the best program on the radio! Please return it to WVKR as soon as possible. I listen to Amy Goodman every weekday morning during my commute to work. Now I am so out of touch with current global issues and events. Please provide our community with this intelligent news choice.

  9. Eva Woods Says:

    Could you please tell us how scheduling conflicts can justify eliminating the best and most important radio show in the United States? We would like to know when it will be reinstated. Thank you!

  10. ed haffmans Says:

    Very disappointed to hear that perhaps the most important program on WVKR, “Democracy Now” is being deleted.

    What sort of “scheduling conflict” could possibly account for this.

    Please restore this valuable program.


  11. Earl Brown Says:

    Democracy Now no excuse.

  12. Gary Says:

    I love WVKR in all its diversity and eclecticism, but Democracy Now is BY FAR the best and most important show aired on the station. Hiatus?

  13. Salina Says:

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