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    October 11th, 2012

    Radio devotees!  WVKR disciples!

    Winter is upon us.  That means long dark days spent indoors, snowy landscapes, and hours to kill.  Perfect for all of us complete or partial introverts, who need an excuse to listen to radio.  Keep reading to get a handpicked list of a few of my suggestions for each day of the week, most of which might go under the radar for you seasoned listeners.

    Monday afternoons at 12:00, get your fingernails dirty with Sam the Tattoo Man on The Monday Afternoon Recovery Room. Sam joined the station this summer, and he has perfected a brand of witty banter mixed in with his carefully curated selection of gritty garage rock on vinyl. It’s as if you’re sitting at Sam’s tattoo shop as he cracks jokes and spins great tunes, but without the ink on your body forever. Don’t miss it!

    Right afterwards, at 2:00 pm, tune into Now That’s What I Call Music Hour! to catch up with WVKR music directors, Thea Ballard ‘13 and Jay Lancaster ‘15.  Not only will their voices soothe you as your week kicks off, they’ll also keep you up to date with all the most happenin’ tracks coming into WVKR from record labels and bigwig record execs.

    And at 6, let Calvin Balfour take you away with rollicking reggae on Uplifting Vibes. The show is a hit in the community, so if you haven’t listened, you’re missing out.

    Tuesdays at 12 noon, on Rude Health, Hua Hsu kicks the funkiest of hip-hop and early soul this side of the Hudson. The show turns a gray day at work by the computer into a combination block-party-and-cookout

    Wednesday at 12 noon, Thomas Hill of Vassar’s art library interviews professors about their recent work. Mr. Hill, who works in the Art Library, knows how to bring out the connection between writer and work, while also unpacking a book like a present, with excitement and deep interest.

    Thursdays at 12 to 2 PM, Soul Different with DJ Wisdom masterfully mixes and spins a slick collection of hip-hop and soul on vinyl. Wisdom is an experienced DJ on the club circuit, an artist on the tables, and a spiritual presence on the mic.

    Friday mornings, at 7 AM, Shane and Mike discuss current affairs on Inside Hudson Valley Politics. Tossing around issues that affect the area with insightful and engaging commentary, Shane and Mike did their first show this summer; they are on-air bulldozers, talking with intelligence and powering through topics with grace and intensity.

    Stay tuned with WVKR! We’ll treat you right.

    DJ Kool Young Mom

    Thank you, thank you!

    September 18th, 2012

    Dear Loyal Listeners,

    Now that our pledge drive is officially over, I would like to thank you so much for continuing to support WVKR. Your commitment to independent radio allows us to continue to provide unique programming and cover our rising operating costs. We depend on our listener support, and I can’t thank you enough for your pledges!

    For those of you who didn’t have a chance to call in, you can still always donate online here at wvkr.org!

    In other news, the end of pledge drive is also the transition from our summer to fall schedule, so welcome back our student DJs and check out our program guide to see what diverse offerings this semester will bring!

    Thank you all again,

    Rachel Vogel

    General Manager


    September 10th, 2012

    Dear Loyal Listeners,

    Our annual pledge drive is upon us! WVKR is an independent station, which means we can provide commercial-free programming but only with the support of our listeners who are the dominant provider of station funds.

    From Tuesday, Sept. 11 to Monday, Sept. 17 you may pledge by calling in at 845.437.7178, or at anytime by downloading the forms attached below and mailing in your pledge.

    Why pledge?

    1. WVKR operation is only possible with listener support.  Our listeners are the dominant provider of station funds. Please help keep independent radio alive. For one week each year we interrupt our programming to ask our devoted listeners to donate. For the rest of the year, you may enjoy non-stop, commercial free programming

    2. Support your favorite shows. Let our DJs know just how much they are appreciated. The variety of programming on WVKR is achievable only because of listener contribution.

    3. If you pledge to WVKR and elect to take no premiums, your pledge is tax-deductible. If you do receive premiums, the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible

    4. Take advantage of your employing company’s matching grant program to give your favorite station an added boost.

    5. Your pledge helps us offset the unexpected cost of purchasing a new transmitter after we had to replace our failed transmitter last winter

    6. Our online streaming costs have gone up, but we would like to remain streaming at the highest quality possible for the benefit of our listeners.

    2012 Online Pledge Drive Form (PDF)

    2012 Online Pledge Drive Form (DOC)

    Thank you so much for your continued support of WVKR!


    Rachel Vogel

    General Manager

    Pledge Drive 2012!!

    September 3rd, 2012

    Hello Loyal Listeners!

    Although our annual pledge drive typically falls the Tuesday following Labor Day, this year it will occur from Tuesday, September 11th to Monday, September 17th because of Vassar’s later start date for classes.

    As many of you know, WVKR is an independent station, and we provide commercial-free programming because of the support of you, our listeners.

    Keep checking back here, at www.wvkr.org, in the next week for more information about how to make your pledge and reasons why you should continue to support WVKR!

    Thanks, and Happy Labor Day,

    Rachel Vogel

    WVKR General Manager 2012-2013