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  • New Queer Talk Show Added to our Schedule

    November 13th, 2011

    Another news show joins the WVKR line-up, this one coming all the way from Vermont. Ken Schneck, Dean of Students at Marlboro College, has put together an incredible program focusing on gay news, views, and culture. While working in an art museum in Southern Vermont last summer, I had the opportunity to meet Ken when he moderated a discussion after an Independent Lens screening of Two Spirits. Ken shared his own past with queer activism and education, and nimbly and impressively guided a conversation that grappled with questions of queer existence and identity. I hope you all take the opportunity to tune into “This Show is So Gay” on Mondays at 5pm, where you can listen to the program that originally aired the previous Thursday on WVEW 107.7 Brattleboro, Vermont.  We’re happy to have “This Show is So Gay” on WVKR and we hope you enjoy!

    -Rachel Vogel, News Director

    The Campus Current Reflects on Educational Activism November 8th

    November 7th, 2011

    Have you listened to WVKR’s new campus news and talk show, The Campus Current?  No?  Well then you should tune in November 8th from 5-6 p.m. and check it out!

    In response to Jonathan Kozol’s lecture last Thursday, Tuesday’s show will be talking about education as activism by talking to people engaged in various aspects of education here on the Vassar campus.   Listen at 91.3 FM or at www.wvkr.org to hear interviews from organizers behind Smashing History (http://blogs.vassar.edu/smashinghistory); Emma Schaeffer, a Vassar senior pursuing a certificate in secondary education; and students involved in the Vassar After School Tutoring program (VAST–http://blogs.vassar.edu/vast/).

    Contact Rachel, WVKR’s News Director at newsdirector@wvkr.org if you’d like to get involved in radio journalism and campus issues!

    Radio at Vassar

    October 28th, 2011

    If you haven’t checked out Vassar’s homepage yet this year, it’s high time to visit www.vassar.edu.  In honor of the college’s 150th anniversary, the website homepage has featured a new photograph every day with a link to more information about what event or historical period that photo represents.  WVKR was featured the other day when a photo from the 1940s graced the homepage, showing students working together on the “Radio Workshop Committee.”  Check out the photo here: http://www.vassar.edu/archives/2011/10/17.  For more information about WVKR’s history, visit the Vassar encyclopedia here: http://vcencyclopedia.vassar.edu/organizations-events-activities/vassar-radio-wvkr-fm.html.

    -Sarah Scott ’12, Program Director

    PLEDGE DRIVE 2011!

    September 6th, 2011

    Dear Loyal Listeners,

    Our annual pledge drive is upon us! WVKR is an independent station, which means we can provide commercial-free programming but only with the support of our listeners who are the dominant provider of station funds.

    From Tuesday, Sept. 6 to Monday, Sept. 12 you may pledge by calling in at 845.437.7178, or at anytime by downloading the forms attached below and mailing in your pledge.

    Why pledge?

    1. WVKR operation is only possible with listener support. Please help keep independent radio alive. For one week each year we interrupt our programming to ask our devoted listeners to donate. For the rest of the year, you may enjoy non-stop, commercial free programming!
    2. You can show support for your favorite shows. Let our DJs know just how much they are appreciated. The variety of programming on WVKR is achievable only because of listener contribution.
    3. Your pledge to WVKR is tax-deductible!
    4. You may take advantage of your employing company’s matching grant program to give your favorite station an added boost.
    5. WVKR has been bursting at the seams with its current CD (over 30,000 items) and vinyl (over 25,000 items) collection, so we are working on making a digital music archive. Your donations help to complete this process.
    6. Through your support in the past we have been able to fund this website and our webcast allowing you to access to our diverse programming from anywhere in the world. Your support helps us maintain this capability.

    WVKR: Online Pledge Form 2011 (pdf)

    WVKR: Online Pledge Form 2011 (doc)


    Mike Henrich

    General Manager