1    PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART    The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart    Slumberland
2    ANDREW BIRD    Noble Beast    Fat Possum
3    ANIMAL COLLECTIVE    Merriweather Post Pavilion    Domino
4    PAVEMENT    Brighten The Corners    Matador
5    COTTON JONES     Paranoid Coccon   
6    MATT AND KIM    Grand    Fader
7    DEERHUNTER    Weird Era Cont.    Kranky
8    DENT MAY AND HIS MAGNIFICENT UKELELE     The Good Feeling Music Of…    Paw Tracks
9    LUCKY FONZ III    Life Is Short    MyStreetIsMine
10    BLACKOUT BEACH    Skin Of Evil    Soft Abuse
11    A.C. NEWMAN    Get Guilty    Matador
12    LONEY, DEAR    Dear John    Polyvinyl
13    WEAVE    Weave    Self-Released
14    SURF CITY    Surf City [EP]    Morr Music
15    IT’S A MUSICAL    The Music Makes Me Sick    Morr
16    GOLDEN BOOTS    The Winter Of Our Discotheque    Park The Van
17    HEARTSREVOLUTION    Switchblade [EP]    IHeartComix
18    LADYHAWKE    Ladyhawke    Modular
19    GLASVEGAS    Glasvegas    Columbia
20    MAUS HAUS    Lark Marvels    Pretty Blue Presents
21    SQUAREPUSHER    Just A Souvenir    Warp
22    DOUG PAISLEY    Doug Paisley    No Quarter
23    MADE IN MEXICO    Guerillaton    Skin Graft
24    TALLEST MAN ON EARTH    Shallow Grave    Gravitation
25    TITUS ANDRONICUS    The Airing Of Grievances    XL
26    NODZZZ    Nodzzz    What’s Your Rupture?
27    DREW DANBURRY    This Could Mean Trouble, You Don’t Speak For The Club    Emergency Umbrella
28    GOSPEL CLAWS    Gospel Claws    Common Wall
29    PSYCHIC ILLS    Mirror Eye    The Social Registry
30    A. ARMADA    Anam Cara    Hello Sir

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