1 Dum Dum Girls! I Will Be
2 Bonobo Black Sands
3 Owen Pallett Heartland
4 Cool World Gaydream Nation
5 Richard Skelton Landings
6 Growing Pumps
7 Awesome Color Massa Hypnos
8 Javelin No Mas
9 Golden Triangle Double Jointer
10 Zoo Trilogi
11 Elodie Lauten Piano Works
12 Serena Maneesh S-M2: Abyss in B Minor
13 Various Artists Nigeria Afrobeat Special!
14 Love is All Two Thousand and Ten Injuries
15 Okapi Love Him
16 Ruby Suns Fight Softly
17 She & Him Volume II
18 Black Tambourine Black Tambourine
19 Splinters Kick
20 Baslia Bulat Heart of my Own
21 The Bundles The Bundles
22 A Weather Everyday Balloons
23 The Clogs Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton
24 Wooden Ships Vol. 2
25 Pill Wonder Jungle Surf
26 Kaspar Bjorke Standing on the top of Utopia
27 Let’s Wrestle In the Court of Wrestling Let’s
28 Monster Movie Everyone is a Ghost
29 Lawrence Arabia Chant Darling
30 Sore Eros Second Chants

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