Happy National College Radio Day, and 47th Anniversary to WVKR-FM!

Dear WVKR Community,

Today, October 6th, Is National College Radio Day, and is also the 47th Anniversary of WVKR beginning our FM broadcast! It is a day of celebration for us on both accounts. 

College radio is an unmatched platform–it lifts voices, has arguably the most unique programming on any broadcast medium, and lets students and community members explore the joy of radio! 

WVKR’s FM signal was granted on October 6th, 1976, the result of a petition filed by WVKR + Vassar to the FCC. In a time where more and more college radio stations are switching to online-only radio, our 5-state FM broadcast radius is extremely valuable and a wonderful asset to our unique station.

On this day of celebration, I’m also happy to announce that, as of now, the total amount pledged for the 2023 Pledge Drive is $21,257.99–a really wonderful turnout! As always, thank you so much for your support of our station and for your generosity–it means a great deal and all funds will go to good use.

In the few weeks since the Pledge Drive, we’ve also fully transitioned to our fall schedule. Check out the Program Guide here or in the site’s menu to keep yourself updated on the schedule of your favorite shows. Please join us in celebrating this wonderful day!

All best,


WVKR General Manager 2023-2024

For more information and updates on National College Radio Day, visit www.collegeradio.org

Hudson Valley Rag Shop to Switch to A Podcast-Only Format

D.B. Brown’s long-standing Hudson Valley Rag Shop, which has previously aired on Tuesdays from 6-8PM, will now be switching to a podcast-only format.

Starting this week, (June 6th, 2023) to hear the weekly podcast of the Rag Shop and its eclectic Americana tracks, send a request to D.B. at folk@wvkr.org!!

A big thanks and many congratulations to D.B. for his extensive tenure on the air here at WVKR and for this new formatting venture!

Participate in the Great WVKR Scavenger Hunt!


Starting today, November 2, until the end of the month of November, the station will be hosting a scavenger hunt. With prizes. 

Here’s to play:

  1. listen in to the station every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday for the clue of the day

  2. submit your answer to the clue to the google form [link in bio & website]

There’s no time limit on answer submissions, you can answer the clues in any order and you can play as a team! This is open to all our off-campus AND on-campus listeners so competition’s tough. The faster you answer the clue, the more points you get. There’ll be bonus prizes to be found and bonus points to earn. Prizes will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd but everyone’s a winner in our eyes *wink*


  • 12pt for first person to answer

  • 8pt for second person to answer

  • 7pt for third person to answer

  • 5pt for everyone else to answer

So…. are you playing?

*** sunday clues have two options. one for off-campus listeners and one open only to students on campus. this doesn’t affect their point scoring though! 

LINK FOR GOOGLE FORM –https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd22vHItiYJ2NQtEtNH-Ywr8Xl1cIRx6Vv49KzeoYuXnKuY6Q/viewform?usp=sf_link



Pledge Drive Starts September 6th

Hello WVKR listeners!

We are once again gearing up for our favorite part of the year: our annual Pledge Drive! Pledge Drive is your opportunity to give back to WVKR and help keep independent radio alive. Formally, Pledge Drive will take place from Tuesday Sept. 6th through Monday September 12th, however, we also welcome pledges outside of this week-long window!

This year, there are two ways to make a pledge:

  1. Give us a call during your favorite show and we’ll take down your information and send you an invoice. 
  2. Donate with your credit card via Vassar’s online donation form, available here. (Note: we cannot offer premiums if you donate via this method).

Here are the premiums we are offering this year:










$1.00 and up: Sticker

$5.00 and up: Lanyard and sticker

$25.00 and up: T-shirt (sizes S-XXL), lanyard, and sticker

$50.00 and up: Tote bag, lanyard, and sticker

$100.00 and up: Hoodie (sizes S-XXL), lanyard, and sticker

$150.00 and up: All of the above!

Please know we appreciate each and every one of our listeners, and that no pledge is too small. As always, we are happy to offer premiums, but know that if you elect not to receive a premium, 100% of your pledge will go to WVKR.

If you choose to donate without receiving premiums, then your entire donation is tax-deductible. If you choose premiums then only the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible.

Thank you for your continued support of this very special station. We are so grateful to all of our listeners and look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at generalmanager@wvkr.org. Long live independent radio!

With love,

Ezra Venditti

WVKR General Manager 2022-23