We Have A New Website Look!

Dearest WVKR Family,

After over 13 years of having the same website look, Exec decided it was time for a change–welcome to the new and improved WVKR.org! Everything is in the same place as it was before, just with updated graphics.

We really hope you enjoy this new theme! Reach out to Casey at techdirector@wvkr.org with any questions/concerns or if you need any help navigating the new site.

WVKR Zine!


Hello, hello, hello, WVKR listeners!


Thank you for another great year, we’ve had a lot of fun together. Thank you for coming out to the End of Year Party, we had the best time.

It’s our pleasure to release our annual WVKR ZINE capturing all the best moments! You can view it here. Big thank you to Danielle for putting this together and everyone who submitted, and to everyone who has supported the station this year. Have the best summer! 



2021-22 WVKR ZINE


Happy Holidays!

Dear listeners,

Thank you so much for supporting us this fall semester. Starting December 12, 2021 we will be moving into our winter schedule. Most students will also be on break during this time. Because of this, please be patient in regards to Pledge Drive Premium deliveries and responses to email messages at this time. Thank you for keeping independent radio alive!

Happy Holidays,

Chloe Richards

WVKR General Manager 2021-2022