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Updates from August Storms

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

Hello WVKR family —

WVKR was recently greatly affected by the storms of 08/03 and 08/17. During both of those storms significant portions of Vassar College lost power, thus putting the station off the air overnight. In addition to power outages, there have been other difficulties behind the scenes, further complicating the station’s broadcasting. Specifically, we are dealing with broken blades for the console in the Air Studio, as well as shifts in contact for our technician support. Thankfully, with the guidance of Frank and Nick, both of whom are absolutely integral to the station, we were back broadcasting on air shortly after the power outages, and as of today, are back streaming online as well. Summer staff (all two of us) are currently working to ensure that DJs can be back in the Air Studio soon, and definitely before our upcoming pledge drive.

Respectfully yours,
WVKR Summer Staff

WVKR Summer ’18 Schedule

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Dang, where has the time gone? Summer is nearly half way over,  :-(

Still, we have a bit more than a month left with our summer DJs – plenty of time to to tune in. Attached is the 2k18 summer schedule so y’all know what you’re listening to!

One love,

WVKR Summer Staff

UPDATED WVKR Schedule Summer 2018 – Sheet1

Spring/Summer Blowout Sale!

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018
WVKR and SLD (Student Labor Dialogue) are hosting a big spring/summer blowout sale!

WVKR will be selling merch including new dolphin shower radios, t shirts, totes, usb drives, big and small stickers

There will also be clothes on sale with proceeds going toward an SLD hardship fund. Hit us up if you want to sell your clothes!

People will also be selling their clothes, so there should be a lot of great stuff, come check it out!

Dolphin Radios for Sale

Pink Noises on 3/3

Sunday, February 25th, 2018


Pink Noises celebrates femme/nonbinary electronic artists in the music industry.
This two-part event begins with a series of workshops led by 4 incredible visiting artists.
Later that evening these very same artists will showcase their skills, blessing us with set after live set

WORKSHOPS take place in Rocky starting at 5PM. You can preview which one you’d like to attend by checking out the descriptions below [listed soon]. They will conclude with a panel/conversation in Rocky – a chance for students and artists to connect.

Featuring Nkisi, BEARCAT, Ariel Zetina, and S0ln0va

MUSIC will begin at 10PM in the Shiva, and go until 1AM.
This showcase is Open To The Public.