WVKR Zine!


Hello, hello, hello, WVKR listeners!


Thank you for another great year, we’ve had a lot of fun together. Thank you for coming out to the End of Year Party, we had the best time.

It’s our pleasure to release our annual WVKR ZINE capturing all the best moments! You can view it here. Big thank you to Danielle for putting this together and everyone who submitted, and to everyone who has supported the station this year. Have the best summer! 



2021-22 WVKR ZINE


Aaron Bendich: A great WVKR DJ and a pretty solid guy

I met Aaron when I was a freshman at Vassar College. Soon We became well acquainted friends and we decided to have an Outsider Music radio show on WVKR together. We played all the best outsider music and he was a great DJ with me assisting. The next year Aaron became the Treasurer of WVKR, a position which requires great commitment, and although we were no longer Djing the same show I still hung out with him a lot and learned of all the hard work he put into WVKR. This year Aaron is the Station Manager, another position which requires a lot of work and commitment to the station and Aaron does his job very well keeping the station running. He now still runs the Outsider show ‘Don’t Paint Your Teeth'(one time I did) and another show. He is on Tuesday Nights 9:30-10PM and 11-12AM. Please tune in and listen to this excellent hour and a half of Radio!