The New New Tuesday Night Jamblock


Ever feel like your life is an endless spiral of same-old-ness?

Like the realm of new experiences in your life is limited to “chicken cutlet vs. beef cutlet” (or “tofu stir-fry vs. tempeh stir-fry”, for our vegetarian readers)?

Like you might buy a whole box of wedding rings and swallow one every time you hear that song “single ladies” on the radio, until the endless hand-clapping in your brain stops forever?

WELL GOOD NEWS FOLKS!  WVKR HAS The Cure for Your Ills!!!!

It’s called the New New Tuesday Night Jamblock:::

You may be asking yourself: What?

Well, it’s a 9 hour block of music programs, all of which feature brand new tunes from all the best bands that you would never hear on commercial radio.

Like, what kind of bands, dude?

See for yourself:  click HERE to see the top 30 new releases played on WVKR in the past week!

Wow! I’m impressed! When is this again?

Every Tuesday starting at 10pm and going all through the night until 7am! You can stay up all night immersing yourself in lands of musical wonderment, and then watch the sun rise over your newly broadened horizons!


I know, right! Let me break it down for you:

Start the night off right with The New Contemplative Jive Hours from 10pm-Midnight— be amazed and subsequently chillaxed as dj paul spins the newest freak-folk, neo-folk, anti-folk, lo-down, lo-fi, lo-key, and otherwise nighttime oriented grooves.

Then, from 12-2am, it’s Tyrannosaurus Rexxords with DJ Littlefoot!  She’s gonna serve up a jurassic sized portion of choice new tracks that are anything but prehistoric! Sometimes a bit poppy, sometimes a bit dancey, but always pterrific!

“The man” got you down? Do you think that idealism is the new “the man”? Does that sound kind of wrong, but feel so right?  enter Pünk Haus from 2-4am. DJ Mark Hammill and DJ Bobby Kennedy up the punx in the wee hours, and will give you a bad haircut if you fall asleep.

Don’t go to bed yet!  Comin’ atcha next are DJ MantAh Ray and co-DJ Valetchka Kelanova, with a whole 2 hours of the finest lo-fi, psychedelia, & shoegaze from 4-6am.  The show is called Highs, -Fis, and Gazes and it’s gonna be the wet dream of your metaphorical musical slumberland!

Finally, bringing your all-night binge of hot new releases to a close, WVKR’s Misho rings in the new day with hand-picked jams from 6-7am on The Poughkeepsie Omnivore

That’s a lot of shows! Can you draw some graphs?

I’d love to draw you some graphs, Disembodied Blog-Reader Voice!


Graphs are great… we have so much in common… visual representation… call me later, k? ;-)

Ummmm… I’ve gotta go

Don’t go, Disembodied Blog-Reader Voice! Please! I…I… I love you…

…But anyways, here’s the finalè

Don’t be this guy::


Tune in to WVKR on Tuesdays and become the music connoisseur your hip, young, high-school English teacher always wanted you to be!


And be sure to check out our program guide (see the menu bar above) to find out when our other new music shows are, as well as all your other favorite WVKR programming!


-dj paul