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I’m just getting back to my old self after a month-long datura tea excursion! Not quite, but what I’ve experienced could certainly be construed as such.  I’ve been listening an awful lot to this band Tonstartssbandht. If you can take your mind off how fun and glitchy their myspace page is, and wipe that smile off your face after reading the URL, then we can talk a little more seriously about these budding young musicians. Seriously, it’s really not too often that music has a sense of humor, like these guys do. Well that about wraps up that point.

Tonstartssbandht consists of two “eccentric egghead” brothers, Edwin and Andy White, from Orlando, Florida. What matters more is the fact that the music sounds a little bit like some tripped out, punked around, roughed up, fiddled with, surfadelic datura tea trip. Just listen to the myspace page, and the song posted at the bottom of this post. At times you’ll think you’re listening to the Beach Boys rendered by some real sickos, well not really that sick but let me have this moment. Or else you’ll be reveling in the beauty and weird variety of Preston “great-Ass” Imfat. Or you could be listening to your e-Pod, eating flim-flams and sitting on the bus in awe of the acapella work on Sarajevo Preadub Phuket Cov. Or if you feel like expressing yourself just bang your head to the ancient grooves of Haughty Deb (watch out for the music video, on YouTube soon). It doesn’t really matter because every track off their new demo DICK NIGHTS: Nobody Here’s a Little Idiot is a true gem. Keep an eye out, an ear on, and a finger over Tonstartssbandht. I hope this brightens up your 2009.

Tonstartssbandht – Preston great-Ass Imfat