2014 Pledge Drive!

Hello loyal listeners,

Pledge Drive 2014 is nearly upon us! From Tuesday, September 9th to Monday, September 15th, tune into your favorite programs and consider making a donation of any amount to WVKR. To donate, you can call in at 845.437.7178 OR click here to print out and mail in a form. In return for your dialed-in or mailed-in donation, you’ll receive some really cool merch (pics below)!

Why pledge?
1. WVKR operation depends on the people who tune into the station. As an independent radio station, you power us. Over half of our annual budget come from folks who enjoy our programming. We hope to continue providing nonstop music, news, and talk to the Hudson Valley community (and our online listeners!) for many, many years to come. To achieve this goal, we interrupt our programming for one week a year in order to ask you, our valued listeners, to donate any amount. For the rest of the year, you may enjoy nonstop, commercial-free programming. Join us in keeping independent radio alive!

2. Your donations will be put to very good use! We have had to make many necessary repairs to our station in this past year (speakers, amplifiers, automated programming, call directors, you name it!) and foresee more repairs coming within the next year. Our goal is to keep our station running optimally with the best equipment available, and your contributions make that goal a reality!

3. Support your favorite shows. Let our DJs know just how much they are appreciated. Our eclectic variety of programming on WVKR is achievable only because of our listeners’ contribution.

4. If you pledge to WVKR and elect to take no premiums, your pledge is tax-deductible. If you do receive premiums, the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible.

5. Take advantage of your employing company’s matching grant program to give your favorite station an added boost.


For any donation of up to $24.99, you will get this nifty sticker with electric-blue ink as a token of our sincere gratitude. Stick it to your car, stick it to your face. Whatever works best for you!

Donate any amount between $25 and $49.99 to receive the sticker as well as two can koozies (one blue, one black) for the beverages of your preference. Keeps your drinks cool and makes them look cool at the same time. Amazing.

For any donation between $50 and $74.99, you will receive the sticker, the can koozies, AND your choice of the 2014 WVKR t-shirt or a vintage WVKR tote bag. T-shirts range in size from S to 2XL and come in white, lime, and yellow: lovely summer colors for the upcoming fall season.

Donate any amount between $75 and $99.99, and BOOM, we throw in a potholder with your t-shirt, can koozies, and sticker. Pull cookies out of the oven or handle a hot plate with ~indie radio style~.

For any donation between $100 and $149.99, you will procure the above items PLUS a lovely vintage tote bag from pledge drives past. You will, after all, need something to stash all that merch into!

Donate $150 or more and you will receive everything I just mentioned PLUS a vintage tee and miscellaneous goodies from our station. Need a jar opener? We got one for you. Magnets or vintage bumper stickers? Done. A grab bag of CDs? Heck yeah!

Again, thank you for tuning into the freewaves and making WVKR possible. You all rule.

Jay Lancaster
General Manager

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