PD 2015 is Coming!

Hello Loyal Listeners,


This is an exciting time for us at WVKR, since our annual Pledge Drive is in less than two weeks! Remember to mark your calendars from September 8th to September 14th. As a non-commercial, independent radio- we need support from our community to continue to provide listeners with unique, quality programming.

Stay tuned for further information about premiums (merchandise goodies we send back to those who donate!) and the different ways to make a pledge.

Any questions? Feel free to contact generalmanager@wvkr.org.


Kathryn Marshall

General Manager


PS: peep our new logo!

Early Summer Selections

Photo on 5-26-15 at 1.10 PMEyy cowboys(cowpeople?) it’s DJ BOOTZ here bringing  you some SELECTIONS from the musick offerance.

Man, I just heard this cd by STRANGE LOT and boy was it good : For all of u who wanna zone out ~~~~~ but don’t know how ;)


Also Round Eye! Like whuhhhh?!


ALSO listen to SHAMIR: It’ll blow your mind and make u cooler, chiller, and chiller.

Ugh, also the new A$AP Rockee is the bomb daught calm: Watch the video if u cool

WE GOT THE POWERS THAT B BY DEATH GRIPS ((months late)). Listen to the whole thing.

Listen to everything! Listen to more musics! It’s you who matters, not me~~~~


ALSO! Listen to this:


Hey Listeners,

Like Music? Like Physical Media? Like the Radio? and like Supporting Regional Small Businesses?

Welllllllll, WVKR is excited to announce it’s Second Annual Record Fair!

The Fair will be held May 2nd on Vassar College Campus, in the College Center Atrium (located in the Main Building).
Vendors from the local area and around the region will be selling their wares from 10am to 4pm providing a wide selection of musical genres and media formats for you to browse, appreciate and buy!

Remember to bring cash and a burning desire to find new music!

We hope to see you there!


Hear ’em While They’re Hot: Apocalyptic Dreamscapes

Good afternoon, listeners!

We are proud to present another update in our ongoing public awareness campaign, Hear ’em While They’re Hot, where, each week, we sit down with the DJs who have made our station tick/tock over the years and hear what they have to say before they depart our airwaves at the end of the spring. This week we sat down with Alexandra Bowditch ’15 and Taylor Pratt ’15 (DJ Beastiality and DJ Narcolexi) to talk about their last semester on the air with the dreamy, ambient beauty of Apocalyptic Dreamscapes.

WVKR: Beastiali-Tay. Narco-Lexy. It’s a pleasure having you with us today. The listeners want to know, how did it all begin for you two?

Alex (speaking for the two): It was a dark & stormy night… 5 seconds too late, they arrived.

WVKR: Wow. Well, let’s get to the next big question. Any favorite foods?

Both: Half baked B&J ice cream, also Phish Food…..also fish food.

WVKR: Any favorite music atm?

Both: Tila Tequila, star 67 (DRAKE!DRAKE!DRAKE!), Mazzy Star & Lovefool by the Cardigans, always.

WVKR: If you two had a catchphrase, what would it be?

Both: “Hey it is time for a PSA featuring –insert– (Beastiali-Tay & Narcolexy)”

WVKR: Is there anything you want to say to the listeners?

Both: I really wish I knew how to answer your phone calls but I love you.

WVKR: They love you too. Thanks for sitting down with us!


Be sure to tune in every Thursday night / Friday morning at the stroke of midnight for the stuff dreams (and dreampop) are made of on Apocalyptic Dreamscapes!

Screen shot 2015-03-08 at 3.29.59 AM

Peace, Love, & Independent Radio,


[PS: Wanna say hi? Call 845-437-7178 to chat with the DJ(s) currently on the air]