Submit Music

To submit music for consideration of airplay, you must go through the music directors or specific genre directors if applicable.

Contact Music Directors

Music Directors
Adam Buchmueller and Arianna Brown

Email: wvkrmd //at// vassar //dot// edu

Office phone: 845.437.5476  DO NOT CALL ANY OTHER NUMBER.

Office Hours: TBD

Metal/HC Director:  loudrock //at// wvkr //dot// org
Hip Hop Director:  hiphop //at// wvkr //dot// org
Electronic Director:  rpm //at// wvkr //dot// org
Blues Director: Nick de Leeuw, blues //at// wvkr //dot// org
Folk Director: D.B. Brown, folk //at// wvkr //dot// org
Jazz Director: jazz //at// wvkr //dot// org
Classical Director: classical //at// wvkr //dot// org
World Director: Alex Brown, worldmusicdirector //at// wvkr //dot// org
New Age Director: Scott Raymond, newage //at// wvkr //dot// org

Submit a promotional CD

Mail to:

Music Director [or applicable genre director]
c/o WVKR
124 Raymond Ave
Box 726
Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

(Attention: CDs cannot be returned.)

Submit promotional MP3s

Email to: wvkrmd //at// vassar //dot// edu

Or the applicable genre director (listed above)

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