Help Support Radio Uprising!

If you’ve ever tuned in to WVKR on Thursday at 4pm you’ve heard Radio Uprising, an hour of youth-produced talk radio covering anything from community news to critical discussion organized by the Children’s Media Project. Together with WVKR, the CMP gives youth an independent voice and outlet.

CMP provides an exceptional learning experience for youth in media arts. Youth at CMP experience positive risk taking, community involvement, and artistic advancement, things all kids need to succeed and grow in their communities. But they need your help. Media equipment and studio space is expensive. In order to create quality programming for youth and provide a safe space to creatively explore after school, we need to pay rent and update our equipment. Your donation is tax-exempt and the proceeds go directly to help fund the creativity of the kids!

With only 9 days to go, every dollar makes a difference! Help support the Project at Kickstarter.

Spring is here & alive // Live broadcast party!

Spring is in the air(waves).

In case you haven’t noticed, WVKR is officially broadcasting its spring programming!  Most of our community-based DJs are in their usual, day time spots.  The students DJs have once again played musical chairs, though.  Take a gander at the new program guide for more details.

Party & Convo going down in POK!

WVKR will be co-hosting an on-air party & conversation on Sunday, February 27 from noon-3pm.  DJ Bill Skillz will be spinning from The Workshop for the Power Kingdom @ 546 Main Street, Poughkeepise (the former Sharkie’s building).  Everyone’s invited to come down to Main Street POK to dance, hang out, and discuss Poughkeepsie (the Power Kingdom).  What do we love about it?  What would we like to see happen.  There’ll also be a fun model of Poughkeepsie that we can play with.  This is a family-friendly event.

New Shows on WVKR!

"omg killer new shows"

That’s right folks. Our NEW fall schedule comes complete with 9 new students shows. Here’s a quick preview:

On Sunday from 2-3 am join “Theater in the Sky” for music from where else? Musical theater. But it’s not just a greatest hits of Broadway: there’s lots of stuff you’ve never heard before.

On Tuesday from 2-4 am, we present “Wall of Sleep” with the very best of Stoner, Sludge and Doom metal. Slow, br00tal riffs to carry you through the hellish night. Turn it up loud.

As a change of pace, Tuesday from 9-10 am, “Dynamic Encounters” explores 20th and 21st century classical compositions for a little taste of the avant garde first thing in the morning.

On Thursday from 2-4 am, join Gabe for “Return to Cool,” a program featuring jazz cuts, primarily from the 1950s and 60s. Perfect for the late night.

Just a few short hours later, from 6-8 am on Thursday, we have “Atmos in Suspension” where Matt explores the cutting edge of post-rock as the sun rises.

Also new on Thursday from 9-10 am is “Sound on Film,” a collection of the last century’s best and often most obscure music from the world of film. WVKR is your new home for Morricone and porno jams.

Back in the late night, on Fridays from 1-3 am we have “Electron Microscope” with live-mixed electronic jams, both sprawling and banging from Scandinavia to New York.

Immediately following “Electron Microscope” we have “Pop Connections” from 3-4 am. Riley takes you through the pop music canon with a focus on new releases that relate in mysterious, or literal ways.

And finally, on Saturdays from 2-3 am, “Tripspotting” rounds out our new programming with a hour of new music of the electronic variety, featuring “trip-” and “hip-” hop.

WVKR: tune in, tune in, and tune in.