Help Support Radio Uprising!

If you’ve ever tuned in to WVKR on Thursday at 4pm you’ve heard Radio Uprising, an hour of youth-produced talk radio covering anything from community news to critical discussion organized by the Children’s Media Project. Together with WVKR, the CMP gives youth an independent voice and outlet.

CMP provides an exceptional learning experience for youth in media arts. Youth at CMP experience positive risk taking, community involvement, and artistic advancement, things all kids need to succeed and grow in their communities. But they need your help. Media equipment and studio space is expensive. In order to create quality programming for youth and provide a safe space to creatively explore after school, we need to pay rent and update our equipment. Your donation is tax-exempt and the proceeds go directly to help fund the creativity of the kids!

With only 9 days to go, every dollar makes a difference! Help support the Project at Kickstarter.

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