Jib Kidder

The word “mashup” comes from the term “mish-mash,” which is an English mispronunciation of the Yiddish onomatopoeia, “mish-mosh.” Mish-mosh is defined as a mixup, a mess, a hodge-podge, a fouled-up state of things. Confusion galore. “What a mish-mosh,” one might say, or, “You never heard such a mish-mosh of ideas!”

The songs composed by Sean Schuster-Craig, alias Jib Kidder, could be called mash-ups, but etymologically I would disagree. If it were up to me, I would reserve the word “mashup” for mish-moshes like Girl Talk. The sample-driven songs on Jib Kidders 2009 release ‘All on Yall,’ on the other hand, are elegantly bizarre: a kinder, gentler Frankenstein, lovingly stitched together out of Gamelan instruments and southern rap.

Like his music, Kidder’s videos are sample-based. Expertly culled from YouTube, the montages present strangers in intimate (frequently bootylicious) video-self-portraits which rarely last more than a few seconds but “pack a powerful emotional punch”. Every so often, a song’s source material is revealed through its corresponding video clip, a satisfying effect that I have also seen in videos by The Books. Now, without further ado or adages, All on Yall’s runaway pop hit, featured on SYTYCD…


-DJ Fancy Mechanic

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