Johnny Dowd Interview

last Wednesday–maybe while you were asleep–WVKR’s DJ Richard Tater had the pleasure of interviewing Johnny Dowd. I’m not gonna talk much about it, ’cause that’s what listening’s for. websites, too, I guess. man’s been working for a good long while at this stuff, several albums under his belt, take a closer look if you like it. by listening, you can also find out how he writes, what happened to his drum machine, how he feels about Neubauten, & what sort of tobacco he smokes. where is his car? & where’s his letter jacket? can’t find that out. we forgot to ask.

new album, “Do The Gargon”, drops August 5th on Mother Jinx; sneak peak within . . .

opening tracks & interview

catch DJ Richard Tater’s REVOLTING VOX on WVKR every Wednesday from 10 PM until midnight, now ’til summer’s end . . .

thanx for listening <3

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