LISTEN TO: The Primitive Show!

♣ Listen to THE PRIMITIVE SHOW–“garage rock from the 60s to the new millennium”–every FRIDAY from 12-3 on WVKR, 91.3fm and!! ♣

One thought on “LISTEN TO: The Primitive Show!”

  1. About 10 minutes ago, I put on your show, and I heard the Fleshtones, and then this sax solo started, and I was, like “Oh, yeah, that’s me.” I’m the guy that’s been playing sax for Stuart Millman’s band the Greyhounds for the last 18 years, but before I moved up here to New Paltz I was with the for a few years, and still record a song or two per album with them. I had two tracks on that Christmas album. Thanks for playing it.

    I want to send you a great new record by the band I’m in now. Have a good holiday. I’ll send it after the New Year.

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