Show Highlight!

Tune in to Rita Ryan’s LocalMotion on 91.3 WVKR Wednesdays 4-6pm.

LocalMotion plays music of the Hudson Valley area inclluding musicians that live here, those coming to perform in our area venues and those coming to our world class area recording studios. LocalMotion almost always has an interview with a guest in studio or on the phone. Rita has interviewed world class musicians and is fully booked with interviews through the end of this year!


One thought on “Show Highlight!”

  1. Hey Rita,

    I plan to be back in Poughkeepsie next Wednesday and to drop by your show live at WVKR-FM to hand deliver our latest CD with the latest tracks. As a Hudson Valley native, I am going back to where it all began and re-launching my & our music career again!
    Today, a whole new generation of fans are re-discovering me & our music and are even hip with it! It’s exciting, as I have recorded and toured playing live nationally and even internationally, yet I never forgot where I came from. I can be reached at 516-713-1972 and can appear on-air with you to introduce the track(s). I can also share my memories of Poughkeepsie on air as well. I feel like a 16-year old folksy charmer and a Potown groover all over again!

    Hope to hear from you soon. Please stay safe everyone,
    Patrick Lee (of “the Scaters”)

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