New Art Show ‘Dead Hare Radio Hour’ Makes Waves

WVKR’s newest talk show, Dead Hare Radio Hour, is blowing up the radio waves — and it’s only been around for two weeks!  New DJs Matthew Slaats and Christopher Albert bring us news and conversation about the Hudson Valley art scene.  Rather than just plugging into the area’s commercial art market, they explore the areas visual arts “in a far reaching, in depth way,” according to Vassar’s Miscellany News, who published a piece on Dead Hare the same week as the show’s debut.

The duo seems to have tapped into something big.  Slaats informed us today that the podcast, available on the show’s website, has had over 100 downloads in the last week.  One listener even tuned in from Colorado, writing in an email: “Pretty amazing — from Poughkeepsie to Pueblo with a click.”

Matthew & Christopher in the Studio

Sounds like a great start for a new program.  Keep it up Matt & Chris!  You can listen to Dead Hare Radio Hour on Tuesdays 5-6pm.

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