Caleb Coy of Headdress

HEADDRESS “Lunes” [No Quarter]
Oh. Yes. It’s the blues, but the blues drenched in shamanistic drone. It’s drone, but its drone rooted deep in Americana tradition. If you like peyote induced trance walks through the Sahara with only half a canteen of H20 and an old heavy oil burning lantern and the dry moonlight to (mis)guide you, this is your bag. “As ethereal as a twist of incense smoke, as head(dress)y as the first blooms of spring”…wait what?


ROTFLOL “Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud” [Audio Dregs Recordings]
This band seems to love Megazord/dumb photoblog gifs as much as we do. Check out their myspace. “Music: Puffy Smalls, Baha Men, Gay Nerds, Council of Deep Sea Creatures, Gang of 420”; Ok so this is the solo project of Jacob Ciocci, founding member of the Paper Rad art collective. His work is known for its brightness, manic energy, and jarring POP imagery—all of which comes through in this album. ROTFLOL is a collection of Ciocci’s smash hits and soundtracks from videos and animations. Lots of this is composed in ACII, blasted thru a series of vintage casio keyboards and budget electronics, recorded in real time and captured onto rainbow-colored (how Ciocci!) floppy discs before being mixed down to digibeta. Lots of 8bit fun.
Also, in one of his installations included real stuffed animals thrashing wildly and turning spits once you approach.
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LINDSTRØM & CHRISTABELLE “Real Life is No Cool” [Feedelity]
Who knew the Norweigans had such a knack for modern disco, this is by far some of the best dance cuts I’ve heard in a while. It combines Glass Candy with Michael Jackson with Miami Sound Machine and gives you enough good reason to enjoy 80s glitter candy. If the 90s started 20s years ago, then the 80s started 30 years ago, ok dude?

MALE BONDING “Nothing Hurts” [Sub Pop]
I like this! Besides their high-velocity poppy post punk sound, which we all know and love from No-Vice, this album incorporates a specific englishness even in its references to early 80s LA fuzz. RIYL: Darlings.

SOUNDPOOL “Mirrors in Your Eyes” [Killer Pimp]
Disco base hooks and infectious shimmering guitar jumbles, a canonball of cosmic sounds, sexy, dreamy, Slowdive for the new millennium…very 2000.

SCRATOA ! “Live En San Antón” [Killer Pimp]
BOLD Musique concrète, primitive sound montage poetry. “It sounds like it is named. As some kind of big musical lapsus, the kind of ones kids do everyday with toys. A Vomited and improvised – somehow elegant, sometimes not – non sense. A musical role playing game experiment in ten parts, where Tex Avery, Baruch Spinoza and Herbie Hancock’s spirits have been called over three nights to conduct a crowd of gorillas, frogs, cats, birds and ducks in heat, forgotten cartoon characters, families of gypsies and guitars, local pagan marching bands, and drunk kids armed with fire crackers.”

TONSTARTSSBANDHT “Midnite Cobras” [A Psychic Handshake]
A new release featuring “Midnite Cobras”, “I’m A Welsh Souper”, and “Electric Dragon Sword”. Why am I providing a track listing? Because the album art is visual bedlam . Anyhow, all three jams are bliss farts of psychic meltdowns.

ANNUALS “Sweet Sister EP” [Banter]

Africa in a land down under comes this Local Natives, Ruby Suns-esque sound of a band troddling at safari speed delivering some promising pop.

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