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MD PICK OF THE WEEK: GARY YOUNG “BIT b/w Crushface: Music from the Film 7” [s/r] – This is genius. It is a 7″ with a special “WARP” adapter that allows the 7″ to be rotated around three off-center points, causing even more warping and manipulation. The music itself is produced using a cacophonater and a theramin.

ELODIE’S PICK OF THE WEEK: VERY BE CAREFUL “Escape Room” [Barb├Ęs Records] – This albm is trance-like with hypnotic cumbias and featuring rootsy Colombian vallenato with accordion. Colombian soul and a California heart have grilled out ceaseless romp-downs and raucous spirit in this release, inciting tens of thousands of men, women, children, and even some wild animals to boogie to the Colombian coastal beat.

DARIUS’ PICK OF THE WEEK: CESARIA EVORA “Radio Mindelo” [RT] – Very beautiful Portugese-African songs from this well known Cape Verdean popular singer are to be enjoyed on this album. Previously unreleased, many of these tracks were recorded live and have been digitally remastered. Well worth a look for admirers of Lula Cortes, tropicalia, etc.


THE CONSULATE GENERAL “Person Number” [Circle into Square] – The album falls somewhere between Her Space Holiday and The Postal Service. It features calm vocals with deep bass and wide range of intruments.

GOLDEN TRIANGLE/THE FRESH & ONLYS “S/T split” [Hardly Art] – Ooh how fun! Side splitting split 7″ from these WVKR faves.

TYPHOON “Hunger and Thirst” [Tender Loving Empire] – This album is marked by differently pitched hollow percussives. Elements of bass-heavy guitar eventually thunder into triumphant horns and angelic vocals in the background.

FOSSIL CITIES “Oxidation” [s/r] – This band hails from Newburgh and rocks with psych ambient folk that has the weird cute CocoRosie thing going on. It sounds like pygmy unicorns on a grey cloudy day having a tea party.

NO MORE SHAPES “Creesus Crisis” [Darker Mythology] – Creesus Crisis explores territories such as small sound electronic improvisations to full on Ornette-ish like free-bop.

SIGHTINGS “City of Straw” [Brah/ Jagjaguwar] – This album begins dark and brutal but eventually features soft-ish tones and some melodic-melancholic beatings to the ears. It gets real glitch-y sometimes as well.

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