~new student shows of the week~

As you can see by the number of additions to the program guide, this year we have a crazy amount of new student shows. In order to welcome these shows and introduce them to the community, I’ll be featuring few of these awesome programs every week.


Introducing the Monday late-night block! So late that it’s technically Tuesday morning.

Thatcher in the Lye w/ DJ Murray Superior

Tuesdays 1-2 amĀ 

***A lively late-night taste of post-punk’s coming of age. Wow, thanks DJ Murray Superior!!! He also keeps ya up to date on current up-and-coming post-punk. Served ice cold***


Raspberry Rush w/ DJ luketoast

Tuesdays 2-3 am

***Do yourself a favor and stay up to hear an assortment of 90’s emo n punk. DJ luketoast keeps your ears happy with artists like The Get Up Kids and I Hate Myself. Mmmm, toasty***


Make your Monday late-late nights (ehhh, maybe Tuesday early-early mornings) count! Tune in y’all!

-Kathryn, Program Director ’13-14

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