To our Loyal Listeners:

I’m pleased to announce that WVKR’s 2013 Pledge Drive has arrived! From Tuesday, September 10th through Monday, September 16th, you can donate by calling in to 845.437.7178 or sending in an online form below.

Why pledge?

1. WVKR operation is only possible with listener support.  As an independent radio station, we are powered by our listeners. The majority of our station’s funds come from folks who enjoy our programming. We hope to continue providing nonstop music, news, and talk to the Hudson Valley community (and our online listeners!) for many, many years to come. To achieve this goal, we interrupt our programming for one week a year in order to ask you, our valued listeners, to donate any amount. For the rest of the year, you may enjoy nonstop, commercial-free programming. Join us in keeping independent radio alive!

2. Support your favorite shows. Let our DJs know just how much they are appreciated. Our eclectic variety of programming on WVKR is achievable only because of our listeners’ contribution.

3. If you pledge to WVKR and elect to take no premiums, your pledge is tax-deductible. If you do receive premiums, the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible.

4. Take advantage of your employing company’s matching grant program to give your favorite station an added boost.

To print out our online pledge form, please click one of the links below:

2013 Online Pledge Drive Form (PDF)
2013 Online Pledge Drive Form (DOC)


The sticker. Sleek, five-colored, and ready to adhere.

The magnet. An eye-catching addition to your fridge or magnetic surface of choice. Très chic.

The sticker + magnet combo can be yours for any donation between $0.01 and $24.99.

Up next, I present the vintage tee and tank, designs from previous years that we love so much we just had to bring them back. Perfect for warmer weather and/or conveying your love of unicorns.

The vintage tote. It holds stuff. Fashionably.

For any donation between $25 and $49.99, the sticker, magnet, and choice of vintage tee, tank, or tote is all yours. Please note that only some of our vintage designs are depicted above.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, introducing — the 2013 tee & tote.


Tees are available in your choice of sky blue, grey, or white (not pictured).

The sticker, magnet, and your choice of 2013 tee or tote is available for any donation between $50 and $74.99. You can snag all four for any donation between $75 and $99.99.

And lastly, the icing on the cake. For any donation over $100, we will supply you with the sticker, magnet, 2013 tee & tote, PLUS an assortment of miscellaneous vintage goodies. Jar openers! Compact mirrors! Much, much more!

Jay Lancaster
General Manager @ WVKR

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