Pledge Drive

WVKR listeners,

Thank you so much for an incredible pledge drive. I am so inspired by the love you all have for this station! We depend on the pledge drive to keep our radio station up and running, Though we no longer will have volunteers answering phones, you can still make a pledge/donate.

To make a pledge:

Click the “donate” button in the upper right corner of this website (You will not receive premiums). To receive premiums, You can also print a donation form by clicking here, and mail it in with your donation to the WVKR Pledge Drive Office (address information posted below).

Donation amount: Premium

$1.00 – $24.99: Sticker and Keychain

$25.00 – $49.99: Keychain, Sticker and 2019 T-shirt

$50.00 – $74.99: Keychain, Sticker and 2019 Insulated Grocery Bag or 2019 T-shirt

$50.00 or more: Polka Beat Show CD

$75.00 – $99.99: Keychain, Sticker, 2019 T-shirt and 2019 Insulated Grocery Bag

$100.00 or more: Keychain, Sticker, 2019 T-shirt, 2019 insulated Grocery Bag, Vintage Merch Grab Bag

If you chose to donate without receiving premiums, then your entire donation is tax-deductible. If you choose premiums then only the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible.

Please take advantage of your employer’s matching grant programs!

For mail-in donations, please send the above form and donation to the following address:

WVKR Gifts
161 College Avenue, Box 725 (note box number must be on the same line and not a separate line)
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Again, thank you so much to all of the listeners that made pledges and to all the volunteers and DJ’s that make our community such a vibrant and unique place.

Plus, if you elect to take no premiums, your entire pledge is tax-deductible! If you do receive premiums, the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible. And don’t forget to take advantage of your employer’s matching grant program!!

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long live independent radio,

2019 wvkr exec

Laura Zapien

General Manager

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