Top 10 Records Spring 2k16 (In No Particular Order)

According to James, Music Director

  1. PinegroveCardinal [Run for Cover]
    Must listen / Perfect songwriting / That is all I will say
  1. Lust For Youth ­– Compassion [Sacred Bones]
    New Order-influenced europop that will make you feel cool perhaps
  1. Essaie Pas ­– Demain est une autre nuit [DFA]
    Francophile minimal goth techno YOU’RE WELCOME
  1. Jesu/Sun Kil Moon Jesu/Sun Kil Moon [Calo Verde/Rough Trade]
    Pseudo(?)-sensitive 49 y/o man reads from diary while 46 y/o dad plays industrial guitar and/or ambient music beneath said musings.
  1. Puce Mary The Spiral [Posh Isolation]
  1. Cellars ­– Phases [Manifesto]
    80’s jams produced by Ariel Pink: dark disco for days//cash for chill
  1. Sound of Ceres Nostalgia for Infinity [Joyful Noise]
    Spa music
  1. Wild Nothing ­– Life of Pause [Captured Tracks/Bella Union]
    Worth the wait, WN delivers us a diverse record full of beautiful gems
  1. Explosions in the Sky The Wilderness [Temporary Residence Limited/Bella Union]
    Pretty songs that each rise from ash within the span of about 5:00 min
  1. Teen Love Yes [Carpark]
    Like a dancy Cocteau Twins, but with intelligible lyrics

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Records Spring 2k16 (In No Particular Order)”

  1. James, watch out! There’s a typo in the name of the Essaie Pas album – I think it should be “nuit” and not “neut”. Otherwise, dope list and keep on recommending the good tunes!

  2. Good catch! Always appreciate a watchful eye and some nice words.
    -NB the Tech Director

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