Winter Break Schedule!

Hello listeners,

We’re almost done with another successful fall schedule which ends this Friday, 12/13. Winter schedule will take its place from 12/14/13 until 1/26/14. Congratulations to all our new DJs for their first successful semester at WVKR! Thanks for listening and stay tuned this winter. Scroll down to see the programming!

Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!


Kathryn, WVKR Program Director ’13-’14



1:00 AM         No Idea’s Original

7:00 AM         Sunday Mornings with Nate

9:00 AM         Secret Music

12:00 PM       Diggin’ in the Crates

3:00 PM         Voices Beyond the Wall/Explorations in Jazz

6:00 PM         Radio Showtime

9:00 PM         First World Music



7:00 AM         Owen’s Outside

8:00 AM         Democracy Now!

9:00 AM         Disability Voice

11:00 AM       Pipes ‘n Pizzazz

12:00 PM       The Monday Afternoon Recovery Room

3:00 PM         Noodling with Youko

4:00 PM         Splinters and Candy

5:00 PM         Planet Blue

6:00 PM         Uplifting Vibes

7:00 PM         The Monday Night Polka Beat

9:00 PM         Tumbao por la Noche



8:00 AM         Democracy Now!

10:00 AM       Irish Radio

3:00 PM         Thin Air

5:00 PM         Music for Terminal Three at the Toledo Bus Station

6:00 PM         Hudson Valley Rag Shop

8:00 PM         Folk, Rock, and Roots/International Pulse!

10:00 PM       Kinda Folk



6:00 AM         Kool Meditations

8:00 AM         Democracy Now!

9:00 AM         Classic Country

12:00 PM       Library Cafe

2:00 PM         Vinyl Triumph

5:00 PM         It’s OK

6:00 PM         Irie Groove



8:00 AM         Democracy Now!

9:00 AM         Popcorn and Cleats

10:00 AM       Cajun Medicine Show

12:00 PM       Soul Different

2:00 PM         Throwback Sessions

4:00 PM         Radio Uprising

5:00 PM         Activist Radio

6:00 PM         Radio Eclectica

9:00 PM         Peering Through the Knothole in Granny’s Wooden Leg



7:00 AM         Inside Hudson Valley Politics

8:00 AM         Democracy Now!

9:00 AM         The Big Blue Kitchen

12:00 PM       The Primitive Show

3:00 PM         The Orphanage of Rock and Roll

6:00 PM         Bachelor Pad at Colony 3

7:00 PM         Jukebox Jamboree

9:00 PM         Blues After Hours



6:30 AM         Owen’s Outside

8:00 AM         Polish Hour

9:00 AM         Polka Rascals

11:00 AM       Geetmala

1:00 PM         The Lost and Found Oldies

4:00 PM         Kool Meditations

7:00 PM         Reggae Emporium

9:00 PM         World Beat Radio


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