WVKR T-Shirt Spotted

WVKR gets around these days!  Check this (http://pitchfork.tv/dont-look-down/health/) out.  HEALTH are some rad dudes from LA who have been touring non-stop – they were on our top 10 charts for quite a while when their first and latest album came out, and they also played here at Vassar last fall.  In this video, they’re playing on a roof in NYC during last fall’s CMJ music marathon.  BJ, the drummer, is sporting a sleek-looking pistachio green WVKR tee.  Pretty sweet.




One thought on “WVKR T-Shirt Spotted”

  1. I think you should shout out Richy Bill$ on the radio today April 20th because due to his Myspace post of WVKR online I am now listening to WVKR online

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