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  • Pledge Drive

    October 8th, 2019

    WVKR listeners,

    Thank you so much for an incredible pledge drive. I am so inspired by the love you all have for this station! We depend on the pledge drive to keep our radio station up and running, Though we no longer will have volunteers answering phones, you can still make a pledge/donate.

    To make a pledge:

    Click the “donate” button in the upper right corner of this website (You will not receive premiums). To receive premiums, You can also print a donation form by clicking here, and mail it in with your donation to the WVKR Pledge Drive Office (address information posted below).

    Donation amount: Premium

    $1.00 – $24.99: Sticker and Keychain

    $25.00 – $49.99: Keychain, Sticker and 2019 T-shirt

    $50.00 – $74.99: Keychain, Sticker and 2019 Insulated Grocery Bag or 2019 T-shirt

    $50.00 or more: Polka Beat Show CD

    $75.00 – $99.99: Keychain, Sticker, 2019 T-shirt and 2019 Insulated Grocery Bag

    $100.00 or more: Keychain, Sticker, 2019 T-shirt, 2019 insulated Grocery Bag, Vintage Merch Grab Bag

    If you chose to donate without receiving premiums, then your entire donation is tax-deductible. If you choose premiums then only the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible.

    Please take advantage of your employer’s matching grant programs!

    For mail-in donations, please send the above form and donation to the following address:

    WVKR Gifts
    161 College Avenue, Box 725 (note box number must be on the same line and not a separate line)
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

    Again, thank you so much to all of the listeners that made pledges and to all the volunteers and DJ’s that make our community such a vibrant and unique place.

    Plus, if you elect to take no premiums, your entire pledge is tax-deductible! If you do receive premiums, the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible. And don’t forget to take advantage of your employer’s matching grant program!!

    Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned in on updates!

    long live independent radio,

    2018 wvkr exec

    Laura Zapien

    General Manager


    August 21st, 2019


    First and foremost our station would like to recognize the end of one of our longest running shows, ‘Radio Showtime’. For 30 years Bill Eberle has been providing our listeners with old time radio shows from the 40s, 50s and 60s every Sunday evening. For the time being, Bill will continue his Wednesday morning show, ‘Classic Country’.

    This summer we have been a bit quiet on the social media but, as per usual, LOUD on the airwaves. Our summer programming has been full of the voices of our beloved community DJs, a few dedicated student DJs, and some new voices contributing to the eclectic mix of radio that you love. In the coming weeks our station will transition from summer programming to the fall program. This means that many DJs will return, packing our program with shows from early in the morning to late at night, and the annual WVKR PLEDGE DRIVE will commence.

    From September 3rd to September 9th we’re asking our listeners to show their support and help us keep our station running. Without our annual Pledge Drive we wouldn’t be able to bring you commercial-free independent radio, so please consider pledging online or by phone during this wild week of radio. We will be offering premiums of all shapes and colors to thank our faithful listeners for your donations. Stay tuned to find out more about the type and design of these exciting gifts.

    The incoming 2019-2020 executive board is excited to get to work to contribute to a fantastic year of independent radio!


    February 1st, 2019

    Dear Pledgers near and far,

    We understand the holidays may have left you wondering if your radio goodies got lost in the post. Fear not! In changing distributors and payment of such, we encountered few obstacles with communication with services on our premiums this year. Our apologies regarding the lateness of premiums mailing, and know that we are awaiting the last of the shipments to arrive so our team can promptly mail them out.

    We understand this timeline looks different than the past years, so we wanted to post this announcement to ensure you all will be able to rock your own VKR fashion very soon! Making sure our listeners receive their merch is a priority to us, and expect to send out the bulk of premiums no later than 3 – 4 weeks time.

    We appreciate your patience and dedicated listenership, and are forever grateful for your contributions to keep independent radio radiating!

    Thank you all for your support,

    wvkr exec


    January 22nd, 2019

    D E A R  WVKR  listeners:

    Our air studio has been facing hardware issues since last summer’s storms. We’ve been repairing as more hits have been happening and malfunctions arise with our newly installed equipmeny. The recent interruptions in program are a result of this issue. ☔️🌪⚡️

    We’ve currently moved to using our production studio, where shows in automation (such as Democracy Now) and shows that require more specific technologies (such as vinyl) are off air or interrupted temporarily because of repair.

    Stay posted, as we announce again when studio is up and running. Hopefully soon with power protection to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

    Thank you all for your patience and support during this trying time!

    📍 Stay tuned on updates and keep tuning in! 

    PLEDGE DRIVE SEPTEMBER 18th-24th!!!!!!!!!!!

    September 18th, 2018

    WVKR listeners,

    After a summer of storms, your fav indie radio’s 2018 PLEDGE DRIVE WILL RUN TODAY, SEPT 18 to MONDAY NIGHT, SEPT 24!!! We rely on the pledge drive to make a large portion of our yearly budget–to help pay for annual bills and repairs, and to keep independent radio alive!

    To make a pledge:

    Dial 845-437-7178 during pledge drive week to make a pledge over the phone, or click the “donate” button in the upper right corner of this website. You can also print a donation form by clicking here, and mail it in with your donation to the WVKR Pledge Drive Office (address information posted below).

    Donation amount: Premium

    $1.00 – $24.99: Sticker and Keychain

    $25.00 – $49.99: Keychain, Sticker and 2018 T-shirt

    $50.00 – $74.99: Kaychain, Sticker and 2018 tote or 2018 T-shirt

    $50.00 or more: Geetmala Show CD

    $50.00 or more: Polka Beat Show CD

    $75.00 – $99.99: Keychain, Sticker, 2018 T-shirt and 2018 tote

    $100.00 or more: Keychain, Sticker, 2018 T-shirt, 2018 tote, Vintage Merch Grab Bag

    If you chose to donate without receiving premiums, then your entire donation is tax-deductible. If you choose premiums then only the surplus of your pledge is tax deductible.

    Please take advantage of your employer’s matching grant programs!


    For mail in donations, please send the above form and donation to the following address:

    WVKR Gifts
    161 College Avenue, Box 725
    (note box number must be on the same line and not a separate line)
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

    A big thank you to all of our listeners who make the station possible and also for stepping up each year to make sure we can stay on air, we really couldn’t do it without you.

    Plus, if you elect to take no premiums, your entire pledge is tax deductible! If you do receive premiums, the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible!!! Can you believe it????? And don’t forget to take advantage of your employer’s matching grant program!!

    Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned in on updates!

    xoxo obsesionadx,

    2018 wvkr exec

    Jonathan Rodriguez, your General Manager this year <3

    Updates from August Storms

    August 23rd, 2018

    Hello WVKR family —

    WVKR was recently greatly affected by the storms of 08/03 and 08/17. During both of those storms significant portions of Vassar College lost power, thus putting the station off the air overnight. In addition to power outages, there have been other difficulties behind the scenes, further complicating the station’s broadcasting. Specifically, we are dealing with broken blades for the console in the Air Studio, as well as shifts in contact for our technician support. Thankfully, with the guidance of Frank and Nick, both of whom are absolutely integral to the station, we were back broadcasting on air shortly after the power outages, and as of today, are back streaming online as well. Summer staff (all two of us) are currently working to ensure that DJs can be back in the Air Studio soon, and definitely before our upcoming pledge drive.

    Respectfully yours,
    WVKR Summer Staff

    WVKR Summer ’18 Schedule

    July 26th, 2018

    Dang, where has the time gone? Summer is nearly half way over,  :-(

    Still, we have a bit more than a month left with our summer DJs – plenty of time to to tune in. Attached is the 2k18 summer schedule so y’all know what you’re listening to!

    One love,

    WVKR Summer Staff

    UPDATED WVKR Schedule Summer 2018 – Sheet1

    Spring/Summer Blowout Sale!

    May 15th, 2018
    WVKR and SLD (Student Labor Dialogue) are hosting a big spring/summer blowout sale!

    WVKR will be selling merch including new dolphin shower radios, t shirts, totes, usb drives, big and small stickers

    There will also be clothes on sale with proceeds going toward an SLD hardship fund. Hit us up if you want to sell your clothes!

    People will also be selling their clothes, so there should be a lot of great stuff, come check it out!

    Dolphin Radios for Sale

    Pink Noises on 3/3

    February 25th, 2018


    Pink Noises celebrates femme/nonbinary electronic artists in the music industry.
    This two-part event begins with a series of workshops led by 4 incredible visiting artists.
    Later that evening these very same artists will showcase their skills, blessing us with set after live set

    WORKSHOPS take place in Rocky starting at 5PM. You can preview which one you’d like to attend by checking out the descriptions below [listed soon]. They will conclude with a panel/conversation in Rocky – a chance for students and artists to connect.

    Featuring Nkisi, BEARCAT, Ariel Zetina, and S0ln0va

    MUSIC will begin at 10PM in the Shiva, and go until 1AM.
    This showcase is Open To The Public.

    Here’s our Spring Schedule!

    February 11th, 2018

    wvkr spring schedule

    Spring Schedule

    January 29th, 2018

    It might not feel like spring and we might have not announced the winter schedule, but that doesn’t mean that the winter schedule hasn’t come and gone and the spring schedule isn’t now here! Tune in today to hear your favorite WVKR shows, some of which were also on air last week, but some weren’t!

    Are you interested in filling one of those gaps in the schedule? You’re in luck! WVKR is holding interviews for new shows this Sunday from 12-5pm at WVKR. For information on applying including what you need to bring to the interview and reach out to p r o g r a m d i r e c t o r @wvkr.org. We’re interested in shows that fit with our mission of being Poughkeepsie’s independent radio station. That means we’re interested in shows that feature independent artists and content that wouldn’t fit at a commercial station.

    As a reminder this is intended to be a time for Vassar students to apply for shows as non-Vassar students are welcome to reach out at any time with show proposals.

    Show Highlight!

    October 18th, 2017

    Tune in to Rita Ryan’s LocalMotion on 91.3 WVKR Wednesdays 4-6pm.

    LocalMotion plays music of the Hudson Valley area inclluding musicians that live here, those coming to perform in our area venues and those coming to our world class area recording studios. LocalMotion almost always has an interview with a guest in studio or on the phone. Rita has interviewed world class musicians and is fully booked with interviews through the end of this year!


    Show Highlight!

    October 10th, 2017

    Tune in to Steve Shavkin’s “Mostly Folk” show from 5:30 to 6:30am on Monday and Saturday mornings. He plays mostly folk music with some soft rock and country in the mix. Steve grew up with the music that he play and says that having an opportunity to share it with listeners is “awesome.”

    Be sure to check it out!


    Mostly Folk

    Show Highlight!

    October 3rd, 2017

    Listen to Sunday Mornings With Nate

    7-9am Sundays. A mix of music on only vinyl and a few tapes, with Nate.

    Here’s a playlist from Nate’s last show to get you in the mood for next Sunday:

    tune in every week!



    Thank you!

    September 25th, 2017

    Thank you so much to all of our listeners for supporting us in another successful pledge drive!

    We are incredibly grateful for your generosity, and are really pleased that WVKR has funding for another year!



    Independent radio forever, love WVKR

    Fall Pledge Drive ! !

    August 25th, 2017

    Hi everyone,

    We’re happy to announce that this year’s pledge drive will be September 12-18! Pledge drive helps us make up about half of our yearly operating budget and we depend on it to keep the station running. Donations of any amount are appreciated!

    To make a pledge:

    Dial 845-437-7178 during pledge drive week to make a pledge over the phone, or click the “donate” button in the upper right corner of this website. You can also print a donation form by clicking here, and mail it in with your donation to the WVKR Pledge Drive Office (address information posted below).

    Donation amount: Premium

    $1.00 – $24.99: Sticker and Keychain

    $25.00 – $49.99: Sticker and 2017 T-shirt

    $50.00 – $74.99: Sticker and 2017 tote or 2017 T-shirt

    $50.00 or more: Geetmala Show CD

    $50.00 or more: Polka Beat Show CD

    $75.00 – $99.99: Sticker, 2017 T-shirt and 2017 tote

    $100.00 or more: Sticker, 2017 T-shirt, 2017 tote, Vintage Merch Grab Bag

    If you chose to donate without receiving premiums, then your entire donation is tax-deductible. If you choose premiums then only the surplus of your pledge is tax deductible.

    Please take advantage of your employer’s matching grant programs!

    For mail in donations, please send the above form and donation to the following address:
    WVKR Gifts
    161 College Avenue, Box 725 (note box number must be on the same line and not a separate line)
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

    A big thank you to all of our listeners who make the station possible and also for stepping up each year to make sure we can stay on air, we really couldn’t do it without you.


    wvkr exec

    and we’re back !

    July 15th, 2017

    The online stream is officially up and running. Sorry again to our friends who couldn’t tune in, but we’re back at it!

    all the best,

    wvkr summer staff

    online stream down

    July 14th, 2017

    Heads up that the online steam is down. It will hopefully be up and running in no time. That said, for our close friends, it might be time to whip out the stereo and tune in to 91.3fm ! Distant friends, we really apologize but definitely #stay #tuned for updates.

    with love,
    wvkr summer staff

    ◊ For summer music–you can’t do better than WVKR!!! ◊

    June 27th, 2017


    Listen to WVKR alllllllllll summer long!!

    May 26th, 2017



    April 7th, 2017

    The rumor is that the WVKR RECORD FAIR IS TOMORROW–Saturday April 8th from 10am to 3pm in the Vassar College Main Building!! The rumor is also that we have 9 vendors AND New Confectioner selling vegan ice cream!! The rumors are true!!!

    unnamed 3

    WVKR Quinn’s nite REDO April 5th!!

    March 30th, 2017

    JUST THREE DAYS BEFORE THE RECORD FAIR!–Come on down to QUINN’s (330 Main st. in Beacon!) on WEDNESDAY APRIL 5th to see some of your FAVORITE WVKR DJs **LIVE** and in person!! The magic will happen between 8pm and midnite–MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!

    VAN will leave from Vassar’s main circle at 8:30pm to take any VASSAR STUDENTS who want to come out and support!! There are 11 seats–so act fast!!!!


    WVKR Record Fair will be on APRIL 8th!!

    March 12th, 2017

    Come out and support the station at the annual WVKR RECORD FAIR on April 8th!! This year we have more vendors than ever–8 selling records/etc and 1 selling vegan frozen desserts!!!!


    February 25th, 2017


    Bachelor Pad **LIVE** February 10th at Quinn’s!

    January 28th, 2017

            HEADS UP guys and dolls!! You can see the ever-urbane, ever-exceptional JONNY the BOY (of the famous Bachelor Pad @ Colony Three) DJing ***LIVE*** at Quinns (330 Main st. in Beacon) on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10th!!! The show starts at 9pm and runs till 1am!! Mark your calendars now!! 




    January 24th, 2017

    Weather too bad–quinn’s nite cancelled tonight–will be rescheduled next month! Stay tuned!!

    WVKR NITE II at QUINN’S on January 24th!

    January 18th, 2017

    Come to QUINN’S (330 Main st. in Beacon) on TUESDAY, JANUARY 24th to see some of your favorite VKR DJs performing ****LIVE!!***** Between 8pm and midnight DJs including DAWN from dawn at dawn, FRED and ELI from Activist Radio, and JEREMIAH from Voyage into Vinyl will be spinning records, reciting poetry, and/or playing live music!!! Come check it out and SUPPORT WVKR!!!!


    Happy New Year!!!!

    January 9th, 2017

    Happy new year from THE GREATEST RADIO STATION IN THE WORLD: 91.3fm WVKR! We’re sure this is going to be our best year ever–and yours too! Looking for a new year’s resolution? Here’s the best one ever: tell 5 new friends about WVKR!!!!! Spread the word and help support independent media!!! 


    Here are a few pages from our second !ZINE! (vkr’s tiger beat) to get you revved up about our amazing station and even more amazing community DJs!!!! FUN FACTS and DARK SECRETS REVEALED BELOW!!!!! THE DJ’s TELL ALL!!! (Click on the pics to enlarge)



    BACHELOR PAD **Live** at QUINN’s Dec 2nd!!

    November 26th, 2016

    THIS FRIDAY (Dec 2nd) Jonny the boy will be DJing a **LIVE** version of his BACHELOR PAD at COLONY THREE from 9pm-1am at QUINNS (330 Main st. Beacon)!!! Come out to support VKR’s most inscrutably roguish DJ and hear some groovy space-age lounge music!!!



    WVKR DJs LIVE and PRIMITIVE at Quinn’s on Nov 22nd!

    November 16th, 2016



    This TUESDAY (Nov 22) come see your favorite WVKR DJs playing **LIVE** sets at QUINN’s (330 Main st. in Beacon)


    PRIMITIVE GEORGE of The Primitive Show: 8pm-10pm
    JAY SPICA of the Thin Air Show: 10pm-11pm
    FOUND OBJECT: 11pm-11:30pm
    and more surprises all the way till midnight!!!!



    WVKR Tabling at Beacon Farmer’s Market OCT 30th!

    October 23rd, 2016






    Visit the TIRELESS WVKR ROAD CREW at the BEACON FARMER’s MARKET on Sunday October 30th between 10am and 3pm!!!! We will have on-air talent available to sign autographs ;) and DISCOUNTED MERCH!! Don’t miss out on this spookily cool opportunity to support the mighty 91.3 (thanks George)!! If you already got your 2016 pledge drive shirt in the mail, wear it to show that you play for team WVKR–we’ll take a picture of you and put it on the homepage!!












    October 9th, 2016

    ♣Just to give you an idea of the brain trust ;-)  we’ve got here behind the scenes at WVKR—-BILL EBERLE built a RADIO TRANSMITTER into AN OLD REFRIGERATOR!!!!!! WHEN HE WAS 15!!!!! Bill KNOWS radio!!! If you want to hear him in action, tune in to one or BOTH of his two great programs on 91.3fm:  Classic Country on every Wednesday from 9:00AM to noon, and Radio Showtime on every Sunday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm!!♣

    In BILL’s own words:

    “I got my FCC novice radio amateur radio license at the age of 15, and later upgraded to a General Class.

    I built my first transmitter, a low-power Morse code transmitter, and later bought a low-power code and audio transmitter. Then I decided to build a more powerful transmitter, 400 watts, for Morse code, as described in the AARL (American Radio Relay League) magazine.

    I wasn’t sure what to build it in, and I don’t remember where the idea come from, but I decided to build it in an old unused refrigerator.  My dad drove me to an appliance store where I was given an old refrigerator (no charge). When I got home, the first thing I did was add four wheels so I could move it easily.  Then I sprayed the whole cabinet with a flat black paint.

    I removed the compressor from the bottom, and the controls and cooling element from the top. I also removed the door.

    I put the low voltage supply on the bottom where the food would go, and I put transmitter controls in the front of the cabinet.

    In order to add modulation to the transmitter, I built an external Modulator in the back of the transmitter, which I would plug into the transmitter.

    The last time I used the transmitter was probably in the early 80’s when band conditions were much better, making it easier to talk to other hams in distant parts of the country.”




    September 26th, 2016


    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT in this year’s pledge drive! 

    It was our best pledge drive since 2008 and the second best pledge drive in the history of WVKR!!! We also had a huge increase in number of pledges–so thanks to all our new supporters! This proves, once and for all, that we have the best, most loyal listeners in the history of radio!!! 


    Invoices have been mailed–so you should get yours soon! Send it back, and we’ll send your MERCH out ASAP!


    September 5th, 2016

    Can you believe it?!!?! The annual WVKR PLEDGE DRIVE starts this TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 6th, and runs till next MONDAY SEPTEMBER 12th!!!! Spread the word and help us keep INDEPENDENT RADIO alive and well! We rely on your support to make necessary repairs/renovations and we appreciate every pledge, no matter how small!!!


    There are TWO different ways to give:

    1. Call our studio line at 845-437-7178 and make a pledge over the phone!

    2. Print out this form (click here) and mail it back to us at: Vassar College 124 Raymond Avenue, Box 726 Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-0726!!!


    To thank you for your support, we will be sending out the following THANK-YOU gifts!

    $1.00 – $24.99: Sticker and bottle opener keychain

    $25.00 – $49.99: Sticker, bottle opener keychain, and 2016 T-shirt

     $50.00 – $74.99: Sticker, bottle opener keychain, and 2016 tote

    $50.00 – $74.99: Sticker, bottle opener keychain, and 2016 T-shirt

    $50.00 or more: Geetmala Show CD

    $50.00 or more: Polka Beat Show CD

    $75.00 – $99.99: Sticker, bottle opener keychain, 2016 T-shirt, 2016 tote

    $100.00 or more: Sticker, keychain, 2016 T-shirt, 2016 tote, Vintage Merch Grab Bag







    PLEDGE DRIVE SEPTEMBER 6th-12th!!!!!!!!!!!

    August 29th, 2016

    The WVKR pledge drive will be held from SEPTEMBER 6TH-12TH!!!!!!!!! Mark it on your calendars, shout it from the rooftops, write it on your forehead and then walk down a busy street!!!!!! Tell everyone you know and then start meeting new people just so you can tell them!!!!


    We rely on the pledge drive to make a large portion of our yearly budget–to help pay for annual bills, repairs and renovations. Any pledge call is appreciated–just dial 845-437-7178 to make a pledge over the phone, or click the “donate” button in the upper right corner of this website!!


    Plus, if you elect to take no premiums, your entire pledge is tax deductible! If you do receive premiums, the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible!!! Can you believe it????? And don’t forget to take advantage of your employer’s matching grant program!!

    This year we will be offering ALL NEW stickers, keychains, shirts, and totes as a thank-you to our pledgers–stay tuned for more details on premiums!!

    In the meantime–it’s my pleasure to unveil this year’s t-shirt design (drumroll please!!)–we will send you one as a thank you for your 25$ pledge!

    wvkrshirt wvkrshirt


    WVKR tabling at Beacon Farmer’s Market Sunday August 28th!

    August 23rd, 2016

    The tireless WVKR ROAD CREW will be out at the Beacon Farmer’s Market THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 28th from 10:00am to 3:00pm!!! We’ll have discounted merch (including shirts, tanks, and totes!) and FREE STICKERS! The market is located at: Red Flynn Drive, Beacon, NY 12508–right by the river!! Who knows, you might even see some of your favorite DJs! Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the guy at the gas station to come out and support THE GREATEST RADIO STATION THAT HAS EVER EXISTED OR WILL EVER EXIST!!!


    WVKR is tabling at the DARKSIDE BAZAAR AUGUST 14th

    August 12th, 2016

    WVKR will be hanging out and tabling at the DARKSIDE BAZAAR this Sunday, August 14th, from 11am-6pm!

    The event will take place at Darkside Records, on 611 Dutchess Turnpike, Poughkeepsie, New York 12603–

    Stop by and pick up some WVKR MERCH!!



    Markus Reuter to appear on Secret Music August 7th!!!

    July 31st, 2016

    Tune in to Scott Raymond’s Secret Music show this coming Sunday (August 7th) to hear a performance and interview with guitarist Markus Reuter! Markus has composed and performed music in many different genres, from ambient to classical to progressive rock–both solo and with the band Stick Men. Markus plays a touch guitar of his own invention, and uses a variety of different effects. He has collaborated with many important musicians over the years, including Ian Boddy, Robert Rich, and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra!

    Markus is expected to arrive at the studio around 11AM–on Sunday, August 7th!

    And don’t forget to listen to Scott Raymond’s Secret Music show every Sunday morning from 9am-12 on WVKR! Three full hours of expertly curated ambient and new age music!

    For more information on Markus visit:

    For more information on Stick Men:


    WVKR 91.3 FM

    Cindy Cashdollar on LocalMotion July 27th at 5pm!!!!

    July 26th, 2016

    Tune in  to WVKR tomorrow,  (July 27th) from 5-6 pm, to hear Rita Ryan interview guest Cindy Cashdollar. Cindy  is a renowned non pedal steel guitar and Dobro artist. She has received five Grammy Awards with her band Asleep at the Wheel, and has played with Bob Dylan, Leon Redbone, Rod Stewart, Van Morrison, Ryan Adam as a member of his band The Cardinals.

    Don’t forget to tune to 91.3 tomorrow to hear Rita Ryan and Cindy Cashdollar!!!!

    LISTEN TO: The Primitive Show!

    July 23rd, 2016

    ♣ Listen to THE PRIMITIVE SHOW–“garage rock from the 60s to the new millennium”–every FRIDAY from 12-3 on WVKR, 91.3fm and wvkr.org!! ♣

    Hear an interview with The Big Takeover this Wednesday on LocalMotion!

    June 21st, 2016

    Tune in to WVKR this Wednesday (June 22) at 5 to hear Rita Ryan interview The Big Takeover on this week’s edition of LocalMotion. The Big Takeover is a New York based reggae band with over 500 shows under its belt! This high-energery sextet mixes reggae and ska influences to create a unique sound. The band, lead by Jamaican born NeeNee Rushie, has played with The Wailers, The Slackers, Yellowman, and more!

    Don’t forget! Listen to 91.3 fm Wednesday from 5-6 to hear Rita Ryan interview The Big Takeover on LocalMotion!


    The Big Takeover

    Senior Week Special

    May 23rd, 2016

    15 WVKR seniors.

    15,000,000 tears to shed at graduation.

    1 week.


    You heard that right – to celebrate our eldest student DJs, we’re dedicating all student airtime this week to senior programming! Tune in while you still can and catch:

    Spring tha Trap: Go hard with all the trap, juke, footwork, crunk, and 808s you can handle, and let DJ Sound Collage be your guide.

    TRIPTONYTE: future sounds mixed live by DJ Jam Brosino

    A Hundred Years of Houserockin’: Post punk, blues and country “Houserockers” with DJ Murray Superior

    Revolting Vox: Industrial, Goth, Weird Wave + Noises w/Spillard Innard aka Splint Dancin’

    Cocktail Hour: beat-based electronic music w/ live mixing w/ DJ Thunderbunny

    We Reminisce Over You: DJ Takki Shades hosts a 90s hip-hop show called “We Reminisce Over You,” featuring underappreciated cuts people may have forgotten or maybe have never heard

    Bossa More and So Much Nova: Bossa Nova and So Much More con DJ JohnTapscott y DJ MadCow

    Life is Good: yiddish folk music with DJ Boots Lobell

    Don’t Paint Your Teeth: Out as Possible with DJ Boots Lobell

    NineteenNinety Twee: 90s + contemporary twee pop w/ DJ Blight Eyes & DJ Pop Vultur

    Ladies Nite: electronic music by women & queer producers with DJ Utopian Fallopian

    Infinite Space: classic prog rock with DJ Knitted Socks

    The Wavelength: 90s trance + other dreamy house music with DJ Decalcify + DJ Afterglow

    Peep the Program Guide for showtimes and get ready to be amazed. These are some talented DJs, sensitive music curators, and wonderful people. We’ve been so lucky to have their shows over the past years and we’ll be so sad to see them go.

    Apply for a Show on WVKR (for the Summer or More!)

    May 16th, 2016

    Cool African American male DJ playing music at a party??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????





    Do any of the above images resonate with you? Can you see yourself in them? Imagine broadcasting the sounds of your heart (and vocal cords) at 3400 watts to 5 states, and also anywhere in the world over the web. Imagine you’re having fun and feeling really proud because that’s what it feels like to be a DJ (trust me I’d know). Ready to make this dream a reality? Well, you’re in luck:

    WVKR will be holding interviews for new shows!

    Saturday, May 21 – Friday, May 27

    Interested in applying? Here’s what you have to do:

    1. Come up with an idea for a 1-hour weekly show. It’ll be a freeform music or talk show, with a few stipulations. Music shows have to be based around a genre (e.g. 70s feminist acapella), NOT a theme (e.g. my least favorite songs); the more specific the genre the better. If you’re planning a talk show, think about the topics you want to address, how you’ll structure your episodes, whether you’d like to hold interviews, if so with whom, etc.
    2. Make a “pilot episode” – for music, an hour-long playlist of your genre, and for talk, a sample episode. Keep “Top 40” hit songs and artists from the past 20 years off your playlists (and off your show) – if it sounds like the Billboard charts or a Hot 100 commercial radio station, it won’t vibe with our commitment to independent and underrepresented music.
    3. Email programdirector@wvkr.org and schedule a 15-minute interview some time between Saturday, May 21- and Friday, May 27. You can also bring a “piece of you” show-and-tell kinda item if you wanna get personal. Interviews are held in the station lounge, on the 3rd floor of the College Center in Main Building at Vassar College. Feel free to ask in your email if you need more specific directions.


    I can’t wait to hear your cool ideas :’)

    -Asprey, Program Director ’16-’17

    Introducing: THE SOUND OF AN ERA featuring International Rap Battle

    April 27th, 2016

    Hello loyal listeners! Whew, it’s been a while…

    …Time really flies, as they say, especially these few fleeting years we call “The College Years.” As the trees bloom, and then get snowed on, and then (hopefully) bloom again, we’re reminded of our own endings and new beginnings here at WVKR. With that in mind, it’s my pleasure to bring you…


    (a new reboot of an old series)

    Our new/old blog series celebrates our most special student DJs: the seniors in their last year at Vassar, and the babies in their first year at WVKR. Each week, we’ll bring you a few words from one of our oldest or our youngest in the hopes that you’ll give ’em a listen before they fly the nest :’) 

    So without wasting any time, I’d like to present to you with our first feature:


    International Rap Battle joined us Fall 2015 with one mission in mind: to find the world’s best in hip hop and bring it to our lil station in Poughkeepsie. On DJ Pan Am‘s stage, nations compete to claim the title of the home of the greatest rappers. It would truly be a better world if all foreign policy was conducted in this format, under the impartial judgement of the United Nations Hip Hop Association, every Saturday from 2am-3am.

    We sat down with DJ Pan Am to hear the latest from his travels.

    WVKR: Your show’s taken you all around the world, musically speaking. What areas of the world do you find yourself returning to, and what hip hop scenes have yet to be explored?
    DJ Pan Am: I consistently find myself coming back to French and Francophone hip-hop. The French were definitely early adopters of American hip-hop music as well as culture and yet they manage to totally have their own feel for the music. On the other hand, there are countries like Turkey that don’t have a super large hip-hop scene, but definitely have a language that lends itself to rapping. As for things to explore in the future, I’d like to spend more time listening to South American, Middle Eastern, and North African hip-hop: I know for a fact that there is excellent hip-hop that comes from almost every culture in the world, sometimes it’s just harder to find than others.

    WVKR: What can you learn about a country from listening to hip hop from there?
    DJ Pan Am: Hip-hop serves as the voice of disenfranchised peoples everywhere, so if you want to learn about and understand parts of a culture that wouldn’t by just looking a the normal pop culture, look to the hip-hop.

    WVKR: If Bulgaria and Vietnam went head to head in an international rap competition, who would win?
    DJ Pan Am: I’m not that familiar with the hip-hop from Vietnam, but my money would be on Bulgaria – they have some super dope rappers, like Upsurt and Santra (check ’em out below). Don’t be surprised if you see this as match-up on the next season of IRB.

    WVKR: What’s the best thing you’ve eaten in Poughkeepsie?
    DJ Pan Am: Hmmmm… I gotta go with the Banh Mi at Saigon Café, but that might be because I just really like Vietnamese sandwiches.

    WVKR: What’s it like being in the studio late at night/early in the morning?
    DJ Pan Am: I love it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer to broadcast at time when more people were listening, but there’s nothing like feeling like you’re the only one awake on campus and jamming out wacky world hip-hop at full volume :) .

    Don’t forget to check out International Rap Battle with DJ Pan Am every Saturday at 2am!

    Pink Noises: An Electronic/Hip-Hop Showcase

    April 14th, 2016

    On Friday, April 22nd, 2016, in an effort to amplify voices and identities typically underrepresented in electronic and hip-hop, WVKR presents a series of workshops, a panel, and performances by four talented musicians. We aim to teach, empower, and inspire the Vassar music scene to work towards a more inclusive future. Please note, workshops will be capped at 20 students, and priority is given to those who identify as female, queer, non-cis or non-binary.  Sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/Rcs934X2ml. The panel and the performances are open to all.

    4:00-5:30pm: Workshops (descriptions below); sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/Rcs934X2ml

    6:00-7:00pm: Panel with Artists and on-campus DJs/musicians

    10:00pm-1:00am: Performance in the Mug 

    The Workshops: http://goo.gl/forms/Rcs934X2ml

    Ivy Sole will hold a workshop on writing songs and the idea of “memory” and how it informs and inspires the lyrics.

    Stud1nt will lead a workshop on strategies for approaching electronic production in Ableton, focusing on methods of beginning and ending a track. This will be done in a collaborative style. Basic familiarity with any DAW (digital audio workstation) is suggested (Ableton, Garageband, Logic, Reason, etc). 

    Aurora Halal will teach a hands-on workshop for live mixing with CDJ’s.

    Doss: Electronic music; more details shortly.

    The Artists:

    Ivy Sole is a multidisciplinary artist from Charlotte, NC & based in Philadelphia. Her primary medium is music, specifically hip hop. Using a production style reminiscent of boom bap’s hey day with a twist, she combines her love of storytelling, indie rock, and soul to create a familiar, yet distinct style all her own. In addition to her solo work, she also makes music in a collective called Indigold, whose Home EP is the first of the group’s releases. Her debut project Eden is available for download on 4/12. https://soundcloud.com/ivy-sole 

    Stud1nt is a producer and DJ from Queens. Her mixing is known to be uncompromisingly hard-hitting and dynamic, combining discordance with danceability. She is part of the New York-based queer music collective, KUNQ. https://soundcloud.com/stud1nt

    Aurora Halal is a New York-based musician, event producer and visual artist. She is the creator of NYC’s underground party series Mutual Dreaming, and co-creator of Sustain-Release, a 700-person music and arts festival in Upstate NY. Since 2011 she has been touring the US and Europe, performing live music and visuals at festivals, universities and respected clubs. All her projects use immersive, experimental and non-commercial approaches to powerful effect. https://soundcloud.com/itsallhalal

    DOSS is a New York-based DJ and producer whose dreamy and ethereal self-titled EP (2014) crystallized the emergence of “alt-trance.” Describing her sound as “emotional dance music,” DOSS’ dynamic live sets seamlessly combine her own material with house classics, thumping techno, and fresh sounds reminiscent of PC Music, to create a truly euphoric dance floor experience. http://www.dossworld.net/ https://soundcloud.com/doss

    Pink Noises Poster


    Top 10 Records Spring 2k16 (In No Particular Order)

    April 11th, 2016

    According to James, Music Director

    1. PinegroveCardinal [Run for Cover]
      Must listen / Perfect songwriting / That is all I will say
    1. Lust For Youth ­– Compassion [Sacred Bones]
      New Order-influenced europop that will make you feel cool perhaps
    1. Essaie Pas ­– Demain est une autre nuit [DFA]
      Francophile minimal goth techno YOU’RE WELCOME
    1. Jesu/Sun Kil Moon Jesu/Sun Kil Moon [Calo Verde/Rough Trade]
      Pseudo(?)-sensitive 49 y/o man reads from diary while 46 y/o dad plays industrial guitar and/or ambient music beneath said musings.
    1. Puce Mary The Spiral [Posh Isolation]
    1. Cellars ­– Phases [Manifesto]
      80’s jams produced by Ariel Pink: dark disco for days//cash for chill
    1. Sound of Ceres Nostalgia for Infinity [Joyful Noise]
      Spa music
    1. Wild Nothing ­– Life of Pause [Captured Tracks/Bella Union]
      Worth the wait, WN delivers us a diverse record full of beautiful gems
    1. Explosions in the Sky The Wilderness [Temporary Residence Limited/Bella Union]
      Pretty songs that each rise from ash within the span of about 5:00 min
    1. Teen Love Yes [Carpark]
      Like a dancy Cocteau Twins, but with intelligible lyrics

    Annual WVKR Record Fair!

    March 26th, 2016

    Saturday, April 23, from 10AM to 3PM, we are hosting our annual Record Fair in Main building on Vassar’s campus! This fair is open to the public and should be a lot of fun. See http://www.wvkr.org/recordfair/ for more information.

    A Link to Our Playlists!

    October 7th, 2015


    another pledge drive in the books…

    September 16th, 2015

    When the numbers on the clock changed to 12:00 and our calendars switched from Monday the 14th to Tuesday the 15th, WVKR’s 2015 Pledge Drive officially came to a close. The students and faculty that make up WVKR’s executive staff just wanted to issue to our listeners an enormous thank you, for all the loyalty you’ve shown this station, through your financial contributions, through your patronage. Your support for WVKR, Poughkeepsie’s commercial-free and fiercely independent radio station, helps fuel us through these bitter Hudson Valley winters and your pledges are the reason we can remain free from the grips of commercial radio. Thank you. We can’t thank you enough.


    Luke Dowker (promotions director) and the rest of WVKR executive staff

    The 2015 Pledge Drive

    September 6th, 2015

    Hello Listeners,

    The most important week of the year is almost here! Pledge Drive 2015 is from Tuesday, September 8th until Monday, September 14th. To make a donation, you may call us at (845) 437-7178, or print out a mail-in form (click here!).

    Donating to WVKR helps us continue our mission to provide the community with quality, independent programming. As a non-commercial station, we depend on our listeners to keep us running. Your pledge allows us to make necessary repairs and upgrades to station equipment, as well as pay for various licenses and fees required to broadcast. Additionally, if you elect to take no premiums, your entire pledge is tax deductible! If you do receive premiums, the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible. It is also a great opportunity to take advantage of your employing company’s matching grant program.

    Below is the premium grid for this year’s Pledge Drive. Your contribution to the station is greatly appreciated, and as a token of thanks, we send back merchandise with every pledge.

    For $1.00 – $24.99, you will receive a vintage sticker (designs will vary).

    For $25.00 – $49.99, you will receive a vintage sticker and 2015 bookbag.

    For $50.00 – $74.99, you will receive a vintage sticker and 2015 t-shirt.

    For $75.00 – $99.99, you will receive a vintage sticker, 2015 t-shirt, and 2015 bookbag.

    For $100.00 – $149.99, you will receive all of the above AND a grab bag of vintage promotional items.

    For $150.00+, you will receive all of the above AND an EXTENDED grab bag of vintage promotional items.

    See our 2015 design, t-shirts, and book bags below (click the images to view them larger):

    Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 10.06.38 PMFullSizeRender-1


    Best regards,

    Kathryn Marshall

    General Manager ’15-’16

    Early Summer Selections

    June 2nd, 2015

    Photo on 5-26-15 at 1.10 PMEyy cowboys(cowpeople?) it’s DJ BOOTZ here bringing  you some SELECTIONS from the musick offerance.

    Man, I just heard this cd by STRANGE LOT and boy was it good : For all of u who wanna zone out ~~~~~ but don’t know how ;)


    Also Round Eye! Like whuhhhh?!


    ALSO listen to SHAMIR: It’ll blow your mind and make u cooler, chiller, and chiller.

    Ugh, also the new A$AP Rockee is the bomb daught calm: Watch the video if u cool

    WE GOT THE POWERS THAT B BY DEATH GRIPS ((months late)). Listen to the whole thing.

    Listen to everything! Listen to more musics! It’s you who matters, not me~~~~


    ALSO! Listen to this:

    Hear ’em While They’re Hot: Foxes N’ Fuzzboxes

    May 7th, 2015

    Good morning, listeners!

    At long last, we are proud to present another exciting update in our ongoing public awareness campaign Hear ‘em While They’re Hot, where we sit down with the DJs who have made our station tick/tock over the years and hear what they have to say before they make their grand departure from our airwaves at the end of the semester (in just a few weeks!!!). This time we met with Emma Jacobs ’15 (aka DJ Deadly Nightshade) to talk about her show supreme of Riot grrrl and feminist female-fronted rock, Foxes N’ Fuzzboxes.


    WVKR: Great to have you with us, DJ Deadly Nightshade! So, first off, the listeners want to know: how did it all begin for you and Foxes N’ Fuzzboxes? And what are some of your favorite moments from the show?

    Emma: I applied for a radio show my very first semester at Vassar in Fall 2011. I had always felt that the music I was into in high school was starkly different from that which my friends listened to, so I thought it would be cool to see if people at Vassar liked the same stuff I did. And they did! At least the Exec Board liked riot grrrl at the time, apparently, and thought it was worth putting on the air. I think WVKR did a lot for me: gave me an opportunity to share the stuff I loved with other people who also liked weird stuff; made me realize that no matter what musical niche you think you’ve cornered the market on, there’s someone who has a more niche interest than you do; allowed me an avenue to talk about what I loved about what I listened to in a low-key but public environment, etc. Plus, WVKR always had cool new stuff in the studio to check out and listen to, so it provided a ton of new interests for me. As for my favorite show moments, a friend of mine once came on to co-DJ and read some of Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex in French on air to inject some sweet, old-school feminist theory into the riot grrrl atmosphere, so that was pretty chill. (wow sorry that was way too long).

    WVKR: (not long at all!) This one’s a bit smaller anyway: what’s some of your favorite grub?

    Emma: Definitely pizza and mac and cheese. My love for these classics has only grown during my Vassar years.

    WVKR: What’s some of your favorite music at the moment?

    Emma: Laura Marling, Bowie, Mica Levi’s score for Under the Skin, Speedy Ortiz, a thousand other things.

    WVKR: If you had any advice for your fellow DJs (or just for life, in general), what would it be?

    Emma: “Don’t forget to play it loudddddd.”

    WVKR: Agreedddddd. Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the listeners?

    Emma: Thanks so much for listening even though women screaming at 1 am is not always super appealing when you’re driving late at night and are looking for something relaxing to listen to!

    WVKR: If I may speak for myself here: nothing quite hits the spot at 1 am like Foxes N’ Fuzzboxes. Thank you for meeting with us!


    Be sure to tune in and rock out every Monday night / Tuesday morning at 1 am – 2 am for “women screaming” through the (unfortunately) final, Riot grrrl shows of  Foxes N’ Fuzzboxes! From all of us at WVKR, we will miss you, DJ Deadly Nightshade.




    Peace, Love, & Independent Radio,



    Hear ’em While They’re Hot: Apocalyptic Dreamscapes

    March 12th, 2015

    Good afternoon, listeners!

    We are proud to present another update in our ongoing public awareness campaign, Hear ’em While They’re Hot, where, each week, we sit down with the DJs who have made our station tick/tock over the years and hear what they have to say before they depart our airwaves at the end of the spring. This week we sat down with Alexandra Bowditch ’15 and Taylor Pratt ’15 (DJ Beastiality and DJ Narcolexi) to talk about their last semester on the air with the dreamy, ambient beauty of Apocalyptic Dreamscapes.

    WVKR: Beastiali-Tay. Narco-Lexy. It’s a pleasure having you with us today. The listeners want to know, how did it all begin for you two?

    Alex (speaking for the two): It was a dark & stormy night… 5 seconds too late, they arrived.

    WVKR: Wow. Well, let’s get to the next big question. Any favorite foods?

    Both: Half baked B&J ice cream, also Phish Food…..also fish food.

    WVKR: Any favorite music atm?

    Both: Tila Tequila, star 67 (DRAKE!DRAKE!DRAKE!), Mazzy Star & Lovefool by the Cardigans, always.

    WVKR: If you two had a catchphrase, what would it be?

    Both: “Hey it is time for a PSA featuring –insert– (Beastiali-Tay & Narcolexy)”

    WVKR: Is there anything you want to say to the listeners?

    Both: I really wish I knew how to answer your phone calls but I love you.

    WVKR: They love you too. Thanks for sitting down with us!


    Be sure to tune in every Thursday night / Friday morning at the stroke of midnight for the stuff dreams (and dreampop) are made of on Apocalyptic Dreamscapes!

    Screen shot 2015-03-08 at 3.29.59 AM

    Peace, Love, & Independent Radio,


    [PS: Wanna say hi? Call 845-437-7178 to chat with the DJ(s) currently on the air]


    Radio Showtime Website

    March 12th, 2015

    Dear Listeners,

    This year we celebrate 25 fun-filled years of Radio Showtime with a brand-new website at http://radioshowtime.com/

    Check out the site for upcoming shows, pictures of old time radio show stars, and to request some of your own favorite shows for the next program and learn more about the host behind it all, Bill Eberle.


    Happy Anniversary, Bill!

    Be sure to grab a seat by the dial next and every Sunday from 6-9pm for all of your favorite old time radio shows from the 40s, 50s, and 60s with Radio Showtime.


    Peace, Love, & Independent Radio,

    Johnny Rowlands

    Program Director ’14-’15


    New Shows this Spring on WVKR!

    February 26th, 2015

    Good evening, listeners!


    Once again, it is my esteemed pleasure to spotlight four exciting new shows on WVKR.


    The Tapestry Travesty w. DJ Leo: Psychedelic rock/pop/folk from the 21st century [Tues 3-4am]

    Dawn at Dawn w. Dawn: European pop [Tues 7-8am]

    Under the Coverz w. DJ C. Elegance: Artists covering songs originated by other artists [Fri 3-4am]

    4lokos w. Beatmaster Hans: All things techno and hardcore electronic [Sat 4-5am]


    Whether you are a nighthawk or an early bird, be sure to tune in to these shows along with the rest of our talented DJs on WVKR – check out this season’s Program Guide for details!


    Peace, Love, & Independent Radio,


    Program Director ’14-’15


    Hear ’em While They’re Hot: The Ultimate Rock Brothers

    February 26th, 2015

    Good afternoon, listeners!


    Here at WVKR, we truly dig and are eternally grateful for our incredible DJs that show the world what it means to be independent radio. Unfortunately, as the years have passed, it has only been natural that great DJs from both the community and the student body have come and gone from the air on 91.3 FM. That is why we have decided to highlight those DJs who have given there all over the years and, sadly, have decided to move on after this spring. With that, I give you WVKR’s new public awareness campaign: Hear ’em While They’re Hot. Every week, we will sit down with the DJs who have made WVKR tick/tock and hear their stories from over the years.


    For our first segment, we sat down with Jay Lancaster ’15 and Nick Olsen ’15 (AKA DJs ET Barnum & Martian Lawrence), who have recently re-branded themselves on WVKR as “The Ultimate Rock Brothers,” airing on Tuesdays from 10-11pm. Here is what they had to say.


    WVKR: Thanks for meeting with us, Rock Brothers! Could you tell us a little bit about the show and your history at WVKR?

    Nick: Collagen Rock, formerly known as Raw Eggs, formerly known as Telephasic Workshop, has transcended into its final and purest form as The Ultimate Rock Brothers.

    Jay: We landed an IDM show our first semester, freshman year. It was called Telephasic Workshop and it started at 6am on Wednesday mornings. We were tired and had no idea what we were doing, but it was a lot of fun. You form a dedication to things when you have to get up at an ungodly hour for them! Our listeners also carried us through at the beginning.

    Nick: There was this guy who would call in to our show like every week freshman year when we were playing electronic music from 6-8 am and request this eleven minute classic rock song “Sharon” by David Bromberg. A couple times we just played it, because if this guy who really wanted to hear David Bromberg was willing to listen to two hours of Autechre every week he really just deserved our gratitude.

    Jay: That’s what it’s all about. The following year we switched to a more natural fit for our tastes, noise rock/indie rock. We’ve been doing that ever since, and at a much more normal time for college kids (10pm). Nick and I went on to serve on executive staff, both working as music directors at some point. Suffice to say we both learned a good deal about the independent music industry through that experience – some of it good, some of it bad. It was at least cool to serve as tastemakers for a brief point in time. I even got to hit up CMJ and SXSW in my tenure, the former of which I blogged about in-depth on this here website.


    WVKR: Sweet! So, next big question, what are some of your favorite foods?

    Jay: Fettuccine Alfredo. Shouts out to having a chef-dad.

    Nick: Pizza, Candy, and Hamburgers.


    WVKR: What is some of your favorite music right now?

    Nick: The 100+ old tracks Aphex Twin dropped on Soundcloud the other week. Also this British noise/drone/psych thing called Skullflower, accurately described by a WVKR DJ CD review of yesteryear as something that “would give Hendrix a bad trip.”

    Jay: “Get on… the right side of history” by Counter Intuits, an awesome four track cassette demo from a band featuring Ron House and a dude from Times New Viking. Infectious indie-punk ear worms for everyday life. Wish it was a less scarce release so more people could experience the greatness. Track this document down by any means necessary.


    WVKR: What are some words that you two live by?

    Jay: “dat u.”

    Nick: “Every band is just a worse version of Motörhead.”


    WVKR: Could not agree more. Anything else you two would like to add?

    Jay: WVKR has been a constant in my college experience that I will never forget. Indie radio is cool and important and deeply satisfying to participate in, whether you’re a DJ or just tuning into the weirdness for a few. Keep it going.

    Nick: My Place – the most punk rock friendly pizza joint in town.


    WVKR: See you there, boys!




    Peace, Love, & Independent Radio,


    Program Director ’14-’15

    Aaron Bendich: A great WVKR DJ and a pretty solid guy

    November 20th, 2014














    I met Aaaron when I was a freshman at Vassar College. Soon We became well acquainted friends and we decided to have an Outsider Music radio show on WVKR together. We played all the best outsider music and he was a great DJ with me assisting. The next year Aaron became the Treasurer of WVKR, a position which requires great commitment, and although we were no longer Djing the same show I still hung out with him a lot and learned of all the hard work he put into WVKR. This year Aaron is the Station Manager, another position which requires a lot of work and commitment to the station and Aaron does his job very well keeping the station running. He now still runs the Outsider show ‘Don’t Paint Your Teeth'(one time I did) and another show. He is on Tuesday Nights 9:30-10PM and 11-12AM. Please tune in and listen to this excellent hour and a half of Radio!

    New Student Shows this Fall on WVKR!

    October 23rd, 2014

    Good evening, listeners!

    It is my esteemed pleasure to announce the addition of more than a baker’s dozen of sweet new shows on WVKR this Fall:


    Intergalactic Vomit  w. DJs Birthday and Pay2Play: “Intergalactic Love Tunes” (ambient sound collages) [Sun 12-1 am]

    Sludge Judy w. DJ Judy: Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal [Sun 3-4 am]

    Regurgitated Giblets w. DJ Trill Clinton: Grindcore \m/ [Mon 3-4 am]

    Girlectro w. DJ LilRed: Female electronic artists of then and now [Tues 3-4 am]

    Infinite Space w. DJ Knitted Socks: 1970s Progressive Rock [Tues 1-2 pm]

    (or if you desire an alternative space…)

    Tormented Space w. DJ Koeltrane: Surf rock, young and old [Wed 3-4 am]

    Stand! w. DJ Showtime Gordon: Protest songs (from many a time and for many a purpose) [Wed 2-3 pm]

    The Third Estate w. Noah: Independent news and commentary, from politics to pop culture [Wed 3-4 pm]

    Nu Gaze into Shoegaze w. DJ Glitter: Shoegaze, psychedelia, and dream-pop from the 21st century [Thurs 2-3 am]

    Latin American Horror Story w. DJs Mayo and Ketchup: Latin American alternative music [Thurs 3-4 am]

    Screwdrivers and Sandpaper w. DJ Pop-Me-&-Sweat: Romantic/Modern/20th-Century Symphonic works [Thurs 7-8 am]

    The Void w. DJs Chives Parmesan and Sexy Egg Costume: Sleepy goth music [Fri 3-4 am]

    Long Gone Daddies w. DJ Cool Guy: Honky tonkers, western singers, and singing cowboys [Sat 1-2 am]

    Dior Nights//Net Sounds w. DJ 初段 (Shodan): Internet Microgenres (Vaporwave/Witch House/Seapunk/Post-whatever) [Sat 2-3 am]


    Be sure to tune in to these and all of our talented DJs on WVKR – check out this season’s Program Guide for details!


    Peace, Love, & Independent Radio,

    Jack (“John”)

    Program Director ’14-’15


    ***P.S. Want to check out a show that’s a little past your bedtime? Record it and listen in on your own time – Go to http://www.dar.fm/ and create a free account, and record the slot that you want to hear!


    April 20th, 2015

    Hey Listeners,

    Like Music? Like Physical Media? Like the Radio? and like Supporting Regional Small Businesses?

    Welllllllll, WVKR is excited to announce it’s Second Annual Record Fair!

    The Fair will be held May 2nd on Vassar College Campus, in the College Center Atrium (located in the Main Building).
    Vendors from the local area and around the region will be selling their wares from 10am to 4pm providing a wide selection of musical genres and media formats for you to browse, appreciate and buy!

    Remember to bring cash and a burning desire to find new music!

    We hope to see you there!


    2014 Pledge Drive is Closed!

    September 15th, 2014

    Loyal listeners, young ‘n’ old:

    Thank you so much for tuning in this week and donating to WVKR for this year’s pledge drive! We’ve reached our goal for this year and are infinitely grateful for your support. Invoices will be coming in the mail soon for those who contributed.

    Jay Lancaster

    General Manager @ WVKR

    2014 Pledge Drive!

    September 7th, 2014

    Hello loyal listeners,

    Pledge Drive 2014 is nearly upon us! From Tuesday, September 9th to Monday, September 15th, tune into your favorite programs and consider making a donation of any amount to WVKR. To donate, you can call in at 845.437.7178 OR click here to print out and mail in a form. In return for your dialed-in or mailed-in donation, you’ll receive some really cool merch (pics below)!

    Why pledge?
    1. WVKR operation depends on the people who tune into the station. As an independent radio station, you power us. Over half of our annual budget come from folks who enjoy our programming. We hope to continue providing nonstop music, news, and talk to the Hudson Valley community (and our online listeners!) for many, many years to come. To achieve this goal, we interrupt our programming for one week a year in order to ask you, our valued listeners, to donate any amount. For the rest of the year, you may enjoy nonstop, commercial-free programming. Join us in keeping independent radio alive!

    2. Your donations will be put to very good use! We have had to make many necessary repairs to our station in this past year (speakers, amplifiers, automated programming, call directors, you name it!) and foresee more repairs coming within the next year. Our goal is to keep our station running optimally with the best equipment available, and your contributions make that goal a reality!

    3. Support your favorite shows. Let our DJs know just how much they are appreciated. Our eclectic variety of programming on WVKR is achievable only because of our listeners’ contribution.

    4. If you pledge to WVKR and elect to take no premiums, your pledge is tax-deductible. If you do receive premiums, the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible.

    5. Take advantage of your employing company’s matching grant program to give your favorite station an added boost.


    For any donation of up to $24.99, you will get this nifty sticker with electric-blue ink as a token of our sincere gratitude. Stick it to your car, stick it to your face. Whatever works best for you!

    Donate any amount between $25 and $49.99 to receive the sticker as well as two can koozies (one blue, one black) for the beverages of your preference. Keeps your drinks cool and makes them look cool at the same time. Amazing.

    For any donation between $50 and $74.99, you will receive the sticker, the can koozies, AND your choice of the 2014 WVKR t-shirt or a vintage WVKR tote bag. T-shirts range in size from S to 2XL and come in white, lime, and yellow: lovely summer colors for the upcoming fall season.

    Donate any amount between $75 and $99.99, and BOOM, we throw in a potholder with your t-shirt, can koozies, and sticker. Pull cookies out of the oven or handle a hot plate with ~indie radio style~.

    For any donation between $100 and $149.99, you will procure the above items PLUS a lovely vintage tote bag from pledge drives past. You will, after all, need something to stash all that merch into!

    Donate $150 or more and you will receive everything I just mentioned PLUS a vintage tee and miscellaneous goodies from our station. Need a jar opener? We got one for you. Magnets or vintage bumper stickers? Done. A grab bag of CDs? Heck yeah!

    Again, thank you for tuning into the freewaves and making WVKR possible. You all rule.

    Jay Lancaster
    General Manager

    Summer Show Proposals and Interviews!

    April 19th, 2014

    Hello Listeners and DJ’s,

    The end of Spring Schedule is fast approaching! Summer schedule will begin Monday, May 12th at 12am. If you are interesting in submitting a show proposal for the 2014 Summer Schedule, keep reading!

    To submit a show idea, there are a couple steps. Email programdirector@wvkr.org to schedule a 15 minute interview on Saturday, May 10th between 1-4pm. Please bring an hour-long playlist (for music shows) or an hour long demo (for talk shows) to the interview. We will accept playlists in a variety of forms, such as: CD’s, Spotify/8tracks, flashdrive files, or dropbox files. Talk show submissions need to on a CD or flashdrive/dropbox file as a single 60 minute mp3. Be sure to include a written copy of the playlist that includes artist names, song titles, record labels, etc. if applicable. During the interview, you will be asked in-depth questions about the show you are submitting.

    Please note that Summer 2014 show proposals are being accepted from both Vassar students and local community members. Approval of a Summer 2014 show does not guarantee that the show will continue into the Fall. 

    If you have any questions at all, please email programdirector@wvkr.org.


    Peace, love, and independent radio,


    Program Director ’13-14