Darlings play live at WVKR


Recently, the up-and-coming Brooklyn-based band and WVKR favorite The Darlings stopped by to do a live on-air performance for WVKR. Following this performance we interviewed them to find out more. Having just released their first album “Yeah, I Know,” their jangly garage-pop sound has been well received and has given these post-college rockers some considerable attention. Singing about such things as TV, pizza, and eviction parties, they compose songs with what would seem to be lyrics as light as what they are singing about. Actually, however, their songs contain some darker undertones such as “Teenage Girl,” which describes a somewhat androgynous middle-aged man who actually feels himself to be a 12 year-old girl. Find out more about The Darlings and listen to the full set which they recorded here as well:

Darlings – Big Girl

Darlings – TV

Darlings – Teenage Girl

Darlings live set and Interview

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