Power Outage

To Everyone in the WVKR Community,

The two massive storms this past week have caused an incredible amount of power outages around the area. WVKR’s radio tower was afflicted by the power outage early on Friday morning, since then power has not been restored. The power outage at the radio tower is preventing WVKR to perform its radio broadcast. At this point in time it hasn’t been established by Central Hudson Utilities when power will be restored to the station’s radio tower. As a result please stay tuned for updates on the Website.

Meanwhile, WVKR’s web-cast is intermittently on and off, due to technical difficulties at the station. Dj’s are encouraged to do continue broadcasting in the station via the Web-cast.

Please be patient throughout our efforts to restore WVKR to the air-waves.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience,
Station Management

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