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Dear Listeners,

This year we celebrate 25 fun-filled years of Radio Showtime with a brand-new website at

Check out the site for upcoming shows, pictures of old time radio show stars, and to request some of your own favorite shows for the next program and learn more about the host behind it all, Bill Eberle.


Happy Anniversary, Bill!

Be sure to grab a seat by the dial next and every Sunday from 6-9pm for all of your favorite old time radio shows from the 40s, 50s, and 60s with Radio Showtime.


Peace, Love, & Independent Radio,

Johnny Rowlands

Program Director ’14-’15


One thought on “Radio Showtime Website”

  1. Brilliant music this afternoon Sunday March 22,2020, 1:15 pm. You are saving me with these amazing grooves!!! Keep it coming. Music is all we have. Humanity is challenged right now and your jams, old school, mixes, vibrations – Brilliant my friends, love to the DJ’s. Your talents are all so very much appreciated. Keep it coming!!

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