1    JEREMY JAY    Slow Dance    K
2    CRIME IN CHOIR    Gift Givers    Eco-Wallet
3    ARBOREA    House Of Sticks    Borne
4    ODD NOSDAM    This Is My Element Soundtrack    Anticon
5    TUNE-YARDS    BiRd-BrAiNs    Marriage
6    SIN FANG BOUS    Clangour    Morr Music
7    NIGHT CONTROL    Death Control   
8    GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS    Lost Channels   
9    SHORTWAVE SET     Replica Sun Machine    Wall Of Sound
10    LOREN CONNORS    The Curse Of Midnight Mary    Family Vineyard
11    ELVIS PERKINS IN DEARLAND    Elvis Perkins In Dearland    XL
12    BLACK LIPS    200 Million Thousand    Vice
13    ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI    That Beep    Polyvinyl
14    ANAVAN    Cover Story    Slanty Shanty
15    HANDSOME FURS    Face Control    Sub Pop
16    HERE WE GO MAGIC    Here We Go Magic    Western Vinyl
17    BALMORHEA    All Is Wild, All Is Silent    Western Vinyl
18    LA STRADA     La Strada    Ernest Jenning
19    PAN AMERICAN    White Bird Release    Kranky
20    TUSSLE    Cream Cuts    Smalltown Supersound
21    MIKE BONES    A Fool For Everyone    The Social Registry
22    VETIVER    Tight Knit    Sub Pop
23    THESE ARE POWERS    All Aboard Future    Dead Oceans
24    CIRCLESQUARE    Songs About Dancing And Drugs    !K7
25    FILASTINE    Dirty Bomb    Soot
26    PSAPP    The Camel’s Back    Domino
27    BISHOP ALLEN    Grrr    Dead Oceans
28    LUCKY FONZ III    Life Is Short    MyStreetIsMine
29    ANIMAL HOSPITAL    Good Or Plenty, Streets And Avenues   
30    NEKO CASE    Middle Cyclone    Anti

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