Pledge Drive Starts September 6th

Hello WVKR listeners!

We are once again gearing up for our favorite part of the year: our annual Pledge Drive! Pledge Drive is your opportunity to give back to WVKR and help keep independent radio alive. Formally, Pledge Drive will take place from Tuesday Sept. 6th through Monday September 12th, however, we also welcome pledges outside of this week-long window!

This year, there are two ways to make a pledge:

  1. Give us a call during your favorite show and we’ll take down your information and send you an invoice. 
  2. Donate with your credit card via Vassar’s online donation form, available here. (Note: we cannot offer premiums if you donate via this method).

Here are the premiums we are offering this year:










$1.00 and up: Sticker

$5.00 and up: Lanyard and sticker

$25.00 and up: T-shirt (sizes S-XXL), lanyard, and sticker

$50.00 and up: Tote bag, lanyard, and sticker

$100.00 and up: Hoodie (sizes S-XXL), lanyard, and sticker

$150.00 and up: All of the above!

Please know we appreciate each and every one of our listeners, and that no pledge is too small. As always, we are happy to offer premiums, but know that if you elect not to receive a premium, 100% of your pledge will go to WVKR.

If you choose to donate without receiving premiums, then your entire donation is tax-deductible. If you choose premiums then only the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible.

Thank you for your continued support of this very special station. We are so grateful to all of our listeners and look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Long live independent radio!

With love,

Ezra Venditti

WVKR General Manager 2022-23

R.I.P. Bill Eberle

Dear WVKR Community,

It is with a heavy heart that we deliver news of the passing of Bill Eberle, a dear member of our community and a DJ at our station for almost 30 years. He rebroadcast shows from the Golden Age of Radio as well as classic country music, and will be sorely missed.

Please read his obituary and details on upcoming services here: 

We Have A New Website Look!

Dearest WVKR Family,

After over 13 years of having the same website look, Exec decided it was time for a change–welcome to the new and improved! Everything is in the same place as it was before, just with updated graphics.

We really hope you enjoy this new theme! Reach out to Casey at with any questions/concerns or if you need any help navigating the new site.