1 DUM DUM GIRLS! I Will Be Sub Pop
2 WOODEN SHJIPS Vol. 2 Sick Thirst
3 DR. DOG Dr. Dog ANTI-
4 COOL WORLD Gaydream Nation DOES ARE
5 COMMUNIST DAUGHTER Soundtrack to the End Grain Belt
6 LET’S WRESTE In the Court of Wrestling, Lets! Merge
7 HARLEM Hippies Matador
9 ELODIE LAUTEN Piano Works Unseen Worlds
10 AWESOME COLOR Massa Hypnos Ecstatic Peace
11 DAVID BYRNE AND FATBOY SLIM Here Lies Love Todomundo/Nonesuch
12 SHE & HIM Volume 2 Merge
13 THE COCONUTS Coconuts
14 LOVE IS ALL Two Thousand and Ten Injuries Polyvinyl
15 SERENA MANEESH S-M2: Abyss in B Minor 4AD
16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Happy Birthday Subpop
17 ERNEST GONZALES Been Meaning to Tell You FOF
18 JONAS REINHARDT Powers of Audition
19 NICE NICE Extra Wow Warp
20 MATT POND The Dark Leaves
21 FRIGHTENED RABBITS The Winter of Mixed Drinks
22 LIARS Sisterworld
24 EXCEPTER Presidence
25 LA STRADA La Strada EP
26 JJ jj n 0 3
27 BUNDLES Bundles
28 LOCAL NATIVES Gorilla Manor
29 PAST LIVES Tapestry of Webs
30 BONOBO Black Sands

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