Grooms play live set for WVKR

If you’ve been paying attention to our charts recently, then you may notice one band that stubbornly refuses to fall out of the Top 5 at the station. Having recently released their first album “Rejoicer” under their new moniker, Grooms have been impressing many with their Sonic Youth-addled damaged noisy rock sound. Grooms, however, is not simply a homage to late 80s rock acts and within each of their songs lies a complex interplay between noise and melody; harmony and chaos. Having previously performed under the name Muggabear, the two members Travis Johnson and Emily Ambruso have been joined with ex-Parts and Labor drummer Jim Sykes to perform the amphetamine breakdowns and noise flourishes which have become aural hallmarks of this band. Virtuosity definitely applies to the way Grooms go about songwriting and performing – Johnson as lead singer and guitarist brings no less than 4 guitars with him to every live venue, each with their own individual tuning and resonance.

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Recently, Grooms stopped by WVKR on the first leg of their cross-country tour for “Rejoicer” and sat down with us to explain their style and perform some of their songs from Rejoicer live in the WVKR studio. In addition to performing songs off their album, they left us stunned with their cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game. Listen further to discover more:

Grooms – Dreamsucker

Grooms – Fag Feels Good

Grooms – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)

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