Haitian Disaster Relief Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Haitian Disaster Relief Fundraiser. We appreciate everyone who showed their support by donating their time, money, food, venue, and other items. Thanks to WVKR, WCZX and WPDH, we were able to get the word out to many people. We especially wanted to thank Mikey Teutul, Mark Cooper from WPDH, Suzy Garcia from WCZX, Jimmy Q, Anthony K., Rich Shultis, Voices of Glory, Michelle Barone, Kool Meditations, SuperT, RupieT, Plummie, George Bass, Kenya, Ras Negus, Ras Emmanuel, Jack Brandii, Pastor Cowan, Rev. Lent…just to name a few.

Through the generosity of all we were able to raise $4,074.95 to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti. All of the proceeds will go to Haiti through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.


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