Remember to Donate to WVKR!

Another friendly reminder from your local WVKR finance director that it’s never too late to donate to independent radio.

“But we’re in tough economic times,” you may say. Well here are some reasons why it’s even MORE important to donate now.

1. It’s tax deductible! The stimulus bill was only about 40% tax cuts, so if you’re looking for another deduction this tax season, look no further than WVKR.

2. You’re supporting the next generation! When you make a donation to WVKR you’re helping Vassar College’s best and brightest to achieve their dreams.

3. Music inspires people! It will decrease unemployment, boost spending and consumer confidence! I bet that if we played some of these sweet new playlist albums for the banks, they’d start lending again. Forget the bailout, radio is the new stimulus!

4. We support local endeavors. WVKR is committed to giving back to the Hudson River Valley: check out our community calendar, or listen to our many PSAs for events and issues in our local area.

5. We’re independent. That means this money doesn’t go back into the pockets of rich corporations, it goes back into making independent radio fantastic.

It’s so easy! Click on this link and make your donation today. Please help keep independent radio alive. Hope and Change! We need your support!


Love always,

Your Finance Director,

Lauren (DJ Tiger Toes)

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