Travel the World with the Campus Current

Now that we are back from spring break, today’s episode of the Campus Current focuses on travel. We start by spotlighting two of the school-sponsored spring break trips, the US-Mexico Border trip, and the International Studies’ Cuba trip. Then we hear from Susan Vogel, the visiting professor who taught this year’s Ribicoff seminar in the Art Department, who discusses the travels of African art objects into the art world and where her own research has taken her. Finally, we look at travel on a more local level, by joining the Outing Club on a hike up Bonticou Crag.

Tune in this afternoon from 5-6!

3 thoughts on “Travel the World with the Campus Current”

  1. Hey It’s great that your incorporating world music and a global art perspective into your programming. I was not aware that Vasser college had such a Radio station! Susan Vogel is also an amazingly accomplished artist and professor. For those that don’t know her, here is a great bio on her. Good stuff guys!

  2. I have been to Cuba twice under the people to people license in recent years and am a living testament that the country is breathtaking. Great to read that other travelers are fascinated with the culture and history of Cuba as well!!

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