Escape from Chicago

WVKR is proud to present the world premiere EP from Chicago scenestars Yawn.



Don’t let the name confuse you, Yawn’s self-titled EP has plenty of adrenaline staunching beats to set your night spinning at high RPM’s.  The sound is eclectic, mixing West African guitar clefs, junky world loops, sparkling keyboard delays and concussive tom attacks into a groundwork of psychadelic rock bliss with enough ins and outs to satisfy even the most jaded auditor.  Not to mention the vocals.  Their myspace lists the group as, among other things, gospel, and this is certainly borne out in the spiritually charged interlacing of vocal ability.  On “David,” putative front man Adam Gil sings with swooping intonation — admirably aping Avey Tare — while bassist / keyboard player Sam Wolf provides faded a cappella backup and a hymnal byte loops.  Drawing comparisons to Animal Collective  and El Guincho (mostly from me), the group walks a very narrow path, producing a concatenation of sound that somehow operates harmoniously while not sounding derivative.

Download the full EP (5 tracks) @

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