New Music Blast for April 5

Just in time for the blooming spring, here’s your best and newest music for this week:

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MD PICK OF The WEEK: SERENA MANEESH “S-M2: Abyss in B Minor” [4AD] Ethereal mania of distorted riffs and obtrusive rhythm, composed by Norweigans as much into pop rock as they are into noise manipulation.

DARIUS’ PICK OF THE WEEK: ZOO “Trilogi Peradaban” [Plover] – Indonesia’s Zoo plays spastic herk & jerk deconstructionist proto punk. If you like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Fantomas, or Boredoms then let this grace your playlists.

ELODIE’S PICK OF THE WEEK: ELODIE LAUTEN “Piano Works” [Unseen Worlds] If you like avant garde/ modern composition then this will hit the spot for you. For fans of Philip Glass, Stephen Drury. Arthur Russell and Peter Zummo make appearances on this collection!

DUM DUM GIRLS “I Will Be” [Sub Pop] – Britsy lo-fi garagey pop, almost coining the genre itself. Everyone’s favorite girl band even attempts to sing in german!

TWO THOUSAND AND TEN INJURIES “Love is All” [Polyvinyl] – Jangly new wavey sounds troddle along at an english pace from these Swedish pop kids.

ROTARY DOWNS “Cracked Maps & Blue Reports” [Rookery] – NOLA barfed and then recovered this art pop rock album, which is catchy for sure. Their tunes bounce and roll, backed by a mellow wizardry with layers and layers of poly-woven fun.

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