New Student Shows of the Week!

This year’s new programming includes some electronic shows that can quite possibly take you to a new dimension. This isn’t the type of electronic that you’d hear at a German Techno Club (however there is a mug night next Thursday for Vassar students featuring German techno, DJ’ed by our own GoldmanSnacks and A-Lexus). Instead, these two shows send out mellow vibes and trance-like radio waves. Spooky.


The Moon Room with DJ Moon Cup and DJ Buzzlightqueer

Wednesdays at 2 pm

Take a midday break and chill out with some tasteful soundscapes. Electroacoustic combines with natural elements to create an immersive atmosphere that may just drown you in relaxation. Be sure to wear a life jacket.


Field Recordings of the Mind with DJ Rad Banana

Saturdays at 1 amĀ 

End your Friday nights (okay, technically Saturday morning…) right with Rad Banana. Minimal electronic featuring artists like Burial and Four Tet who will gently rock you to sleep after the busy week you just had. Yes, you. You are special. You deserve this.


Be sure to tune in!

-Kathryn, program director

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