WVKR Live Sets

Part of our mission at WVKR is to help make Vassar and the Hudson Valley a hub for musical diversity and innovation.  We accomplish this task primarily through our regular programming, but another component which has taken off in recent years are the live recordings of visiting bands we air.  In order to further encourage you to lend us your support during this year’s pledge drive we thought we would post some of our stand out live sets from last year.

First up, Woods.


courtesy www.myspace.com/woodsfamilyband

This New York trio blend folk and lo-fi to create music of warmth and intimacy.  Their tin-can phone sound gives a strong nod to home recording, and especially cassette culture, while striking a fine balance with legibility.  Easy listening for the independent listener.

Here are some songs they played for us off their 2009 release, Songs of Shame (Woodsist Records):

Rain On
The Number
To Clean

New layer…

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